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Gabriel's Story (standard:fantasy, 1016 words)
Author: Shadows LaughAdded: Jun 14 2006Views/Reads: 1661/1018Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Cast from Heaven, all for the love of a mortal.

Fiendish voices whisper blasphemies in my mind, giving me little respite
as blood trickles from my ears.  The sweet sickly scent of my burning 
flesh stinging my seared nostrils as all around the infernal choir of 
Hell sing of my fall from grace.  I try to shield myself with the 
twisted and contorted remains of my wings; blackened and bloodied 
feathers surround my tortured form.  This is my existence.  This is the 
wages of my sin.  And what dreadful act did I commit to be cast from 
Heaven?  Love.  My name is Gabriel and this is my story. 

Everyday I would watch Ezekiel as he prepared himself for mass in the
small country church.  The parishioners were becoming fewer and fewer 
as the years went by, the church more dilapidated.  Once there had been 
such passion and conviction as Ezekiel delivered HIS word, his eyes 
alive with the love he held for HIM.  Slowly like a witling flower that 
passion and conviction began to die as Ezekiel began to loose his 
faith.  His beautiful eyes reflected the anguish that was tearing him 
apart from the inside out. 

“Why have you turned your back on me Lord?  How can I believe in you?” 

I watched as Ezekiel fell to his knees, his shaking hands clutching the
Eucharist as he looked up towards the wooden crucifix that hang from 
the cracked wall, tears streaming down his face. 

A single tear fell from the stone statue that represented me, as Ezekiel
buried his head in his hands. 

“Why?  Why?  Why have you deserted me my God?” 

“HE may have deserted you my Ezekiel but I never will.” 

My voice sounded in his head, making him start. 

Slowly he withdrew his trembling hands, his reddened eyes darting
nervously around. 

“Do not fear Ezekiel.” 

Slowly he came to his feet, brushing back dark curls that clung to his
tear stained face. 

“I have always been with you...” 

Ezekiel rubbed at his temples, my voice chasing away the darkness that
swirled like a maelstrom in his mind. 

“W...who are you?” 

A snow -white lily fell at his feet.  Ezekiel bent down to pick it up,
his eyes wide as he looked towards the stone statue.  In one hand I 
held my trumpet and the other a perfectly shaped lily. 

Ezekiel whispered my name, his hand reaching up to touch the wetness
that stained my stone cheek before with a shuddering sigh he collapsed 
before me unconscious. 

My beautiful Ezekiel. 

At first I came to him in his dreams, chasing away the nightmares that
tormented him so.  Sometimes I would leave lilies upon his pillow, the 
sweet scent of myrrh filling his tiny chamber. 

One summers evening he was alone in the tiny chapel; lighting the many
candles that sat in wax encrusted holders. 

“My Beloved Ezekiel.” 

He turned to the sound of my voice, his breath catching in his throat as
he gazed upon my human form. 

The setting summer sun reflected through the stained glass window,
setting my golden hair ablaze as if I wore a crown of fire.  My 
burnished skin glowed, my eyes bluer than a summer's sky, filled with 
the love that I held for this human. 

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