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The Confession (standard:horror, 587 words)
Author: Michael Lance KerstingAdded: Jun 15 2006Views/Reads: 2129/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A mysterious stranger entered a Cathedral one lonely night and made a startling confession!

The Confession 

The Cathedral was almost empty but for a few devotees scattered about
the pews, when a lone figure dressed in a long black coat and carrying 
a black duffel bag walked in. He shuffled down the aisle, genuflected, 
then entered the confessional box that read "FATHER O'BRIAN 
OFFICIATING"in large block letters. " Bless me Father for I have 
sinned," The man began hesitantly "It's been" quite a while since my 
last confession, I accuse myself of... ..Father, If I confess, will you 
call the police?"” replied the Priest solemnly, “ I took a vow of 
confidentiality" "then l,I accuse myself of killing five women 
recently". The Priest gasped at the confession and wondered if it was 
some prank. A cold shiver washed over him. It was the first time in his 
twenty five years of hearing confessions,that he had ever heard such a 
confession, however, he took in a deep breath calming himself then said 
"Go ahead, son, tell me about it, what made you do it?" he asked 
curiously ,trying to get a glance at the man's face which was bowed. 
"It was a whore, Father,The penitant replied bluntly,” a dirty, 
stinking,rotten whore.She laughed and mocked me ," "Yes?" The voice 
continued a bit hesitantly,"She laughed at my prick , Father, telling 
me she had never seen such a small prick on a grown man before,it was 
like a child's,she said, too small to ever satisfy a woman!" The 
confessor began sobbing. "Control yourself, son," urged the Priest from 
behind the meshed divider,"and then what happened?" "Well, are you sure 
you won't call the Police, Father" He asked again. "I an assure you I 
won't,son" replied the Priest reassuringly . “..And that's, that's when 
I started butchering them, Father, I wanted to kill them all!" said the 
voice rising in anger "Now I can't even get an erection, Father, I am 
no longer a man !"he paused then blew his nose into a kerchief he drew 
from his coat pocket, “Sorry about that, Father. ” He interjected. 
‘That's okay, go on, tell me more" “then I began my search for the 
bitch who did this to me, " "but there are remedies,.... said the 
Priest soothingly "I can arrange..." "No!no! Father,It's too late for 
that" the voice cut in "I am doomed as a man" He said "Doomed because 
of what that slut told me!" There was some shuffling on the other side 
of the divider. "I must go now, Father,!"said the voice suddenly. 
"Wait! "said the Priest,"I must give you absolution and penance to do" 
"I can't wait ,Father, I must leave at once, the urge is upon me.” !" 
‘Your name, son, " cried the Priest urgently, "What is your name?" The 
man left the booth, stepped into the aisle and said in a low voice, 
"Jack the Ripper !" 

Upon hearing the name, the Priest rose quickly from his seat and rushed
around to the adjoining booth. He grabbed the Penitent by the throat 
and began strangling him in a mad rage saying a loud  angry voice: "One 
of your bloody victims was my niece,do you hear, butcher, my niece!". 
The Penitent struggled, but to no avail. An expression of total 
disbelief and shock crossed his face as he succumed and the last thing 
he saw before he died was the flushed  angry face of the enraged 
Priest. There was a loud crack as the Penitent's neck snapped beneath 
the Priest's strong hands. 

The End   (581 words ) 

Copyright 2006 Michael Lance Kersting 


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