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Larenda, those who rose Chapter 1-horror (standard:adventure, 2642 words)
Author: DarkAngelAdded: Jun 18 2006Views/Reads: 1945/1244Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The story is about a an evil necromancer lord that takes over the town named Larenda, but then two people of the age of 18 stand up to face him. It about Magick and might

Chapter one Horror 

The town of Larenda was normal once at the time, but now terrible
things, hideous things, inhuman things were happening around the town, 
the town was once filled with laughter and happiness, but now it was 
filled with screams and sorrow, so much sorrow. People couldn't explain 
how other citizens would just stop dead in their tracks and either fall 
over dead or turn and attack the closest living thing to them, their 
eyes were filled with bloodlust until the guards finally had no choice 
but to kill them. 

Family killing family, guards killing fellow guards, the town was in
panic, fear, so much fear. They came to one conclusion Draimen, the 
powerful and evil Necromancer Lord, he was the only one they knew who 
could do such terrible things so far from his castle in Xiane, but this 
news only made them panic more, no one could stop Draimen. 

A doomsayer ran past the people, yelling of their doom. “The dark lord
has come to punish us all for our terrible sins, our terrible sins!” He 
was insane; he had gone mad from the terrible things that have 
happened, and the people feared that they'd soon be like him, or worse, 
fall dead or become a puppet for Draimen. 

There was a school in Larenda, the school of Fighting and Magick, they
were still preparing Magick to try and prevent the effects of Draimen, 
but their attempts failed every time, and the people were getting more 
restless and stressed than was needed, it was terrible for them, just 
having to wait and see all of this horror before their eyes and be able 
to do nothing, but no one dared leave the town, it was too dangerous 
out of town, so they had to stay. 

Meanwhile in the school the trainees were in their rooms. Scar and Amaya
were together in one room, Scar used to have his own room, him alone, 
no one else, but them their Sensei offered to use the dorm rooms to put 
the dead bodies in, so now he was stuck with a petty magical blonde 
girl. She have been staring at him for the last hour and it was 
starting to annoy him, he finally turned his head towards her and she 
immediately looked away, he had dark black messy hair and was tanned 
lightly, his eyes were a orange fire like colour that held immense 
darkness, but no evil. “What are you looking at?” He demanded in a 
harsh tone, she looked at him innocently; her eyes were blue. “I'm 
simply looking at the wall.” She said and looked at the wall for the 
first time. “Well, the wall never looked in your direction, and I not 
believe it ever will, so you were looking at me.” He said with no 
emotion on his face. 

She turned her head away from the wall and then spoke. “Well, then why
did you ask if you already knew the answer?” She asked and he gave her 
another cold stare. “Well, stop it, I have no interest in you, so you 
will have no interest in me, is that understood?” He asked and she 
nodded lightly, looking down now. 

“Fine, but this Draimen thing that's happening, don't you want to do
something about it? Try to fix it? Improve the situation?” She asked, 
now looking at him again, he turned his head to her water filled eyes 
now, she wanted to cry. “With your knowledge you'd end up hurting more 
than helping.” He commented and she looked hurt, but then straightened 
herself out. “I know healing Magick, I want to go and heal the injured 
people, they will be pleased and it will give them hope!” She exclaimed 
and he didn't even bother to look at her anymore. “Then why aren't you 
out there, doing your healing rather than babble about it with me, 
someone who doesn't care.” He said and she looked down ashamed. “Well, 
I know healing magick, but I can't fight or defend myself well so...” 
Before she could finish that sentence Scar interrupted. “...You thought 
I'd protect you?” He asked and she nodded and he then chuckled softly. 
“You have legs don't you? You can walk can't you? Then you can run, am 
I not right?” He asked her and she looked at him like he was completely 
impossible, which he was. 

He was still staring at the ceiling while she was staring at him, hoping
he would change his mind soon, for Larenda was in grave danger. “Can I 
ask you a question?” She asked and he looked at her now. “Ask it 
already.” He said and turned back to the ceiling, finding it more 
interesting than her. 

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