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On the Prowl chapter 6 (standard:mystery, 9755 words)
Author: Sarah SpenserAdded: Jun 22 2006Views/Reads: 1897/1315Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This chapter takes place after Francie phones Allie! Read and find out what happens in this riviting plot twisting chapter.

6.Murder at Sunrise 

Allison gripped the phone as if it were a lifeline, not believing her
ears.  She couldn't speak, and just heard her daughter's voice asking 
questions. Tears cascaded down Allison's cheeks as she heard Francie's 
soft voice. She thanked God for the miracle of her daughter and that 
she was still alive. Allie was rendered speechless, when she came out 
of her reverie; she heard Francie's panicked voice asking all sorts of 
questions. "Mommy? Are you there? I'm scared!" "Francie! Are you all 
right, sweetheart? Daddy and I are trying to find you, darling. Where 
are you?" "Mommy! This man has me, he's really bad, Mommy! He's called 
Eagle." "What kind of house are you in?" "It has pine trees, and a 
little front yard and ..." the line went dead. "Francie? Francie?" but 
there was total silence.  Allison heard a struggle play out in the 
background. "You've gone too far this time, little girl!" Eagle said 
taking the phone and throwing it across the room. "I want my Mommy and 
Daddy!" Francie wailed stomping her foot and trying to run away. 
"Listen here, Francie! I told you you can never see them again!" tears 
began to cascade down her cheeks as visions of her parents flooded her 
mind. "Get in the closet!" Eagle barked, Cassie hearing the commotion 
inside barked and howled trying to get someone's attention.  But it did 
no good.  Francie struggled against Eagle's iron grasp.  But her little 
body couldn't fight him off.  She was placed in the closet, and the 
door promptly closed behind her. 

Allison unsteadily got out of bed and began to wander down the hall. 
The corridors all looked the same: impersonal and sterile. But she had 
to find Francie, she just had to.  For the first time in months, she 
had hope.  She knew in her heart that Francie was still alive, and now 
she had proof.  Just then, Melanie Masterson came down the hall. 
"Allison? What are you doing out of bed? You're supposed to be asleep. 
Grayner gave you a mild sedative." "She called, Melanie!" "Who called?" 
"My daughter Francie! She called she's alive! She gave me the 
description of the house and she told me where it was! Or at least 
where she thinks it is! I have to search for her I ..." "Allison, these 
sedatives can be very powerful. What you probably had is a dream. I 
think you should get back into bed and rest." Melanie put a motherly 
hand on Allison's shoulder, as she gently steered her towards her room. 
"Melanie! I have to search! I have to!" "Allison, you should try and 
get some rest." "No, I have to search!" Melanie was able to get Allison 
into bed, but she would just get up again and pace around frantically.  
At a loss, Melanie dialed Connor's number. 

The phone rang several times before he opened his eyes and registered
the sound.  Connor glanced at the bedside clock; it was nearly four in 
the morning. "Hello?" "Connor?" he didn't recognize the voice, he tried 
to wipe the haze of sleep from his eyes and focus. "Who's this?" "It's 
Melanie Masterson from Fallwood General's Psych Ward. Allison's awake, 
and she wants to search for Francie." "How'd this happen?" Connor asked 
becoming instantly awake when he heard his wife's name. "Well, she was 
sleeping, and she came flying out of her room, she insisted that she 
got a phone call from Francie and that she described the house where 
she was being held." "Is she all right?" "Well, she's in bed, but 
definitely not sedated." "I'll be right there." 

Half an hour later, Connor arrived.  Allison was trying to get out of
bed when he entered her room.  Dr. Grayner had been notified as well 
and he stood perplexed several feet away. "How is she?" Connor asked 
Grayner as he entered. "How about asking me, Connor? I'm not stupid you 
know? She called! I'm telling you she called! Our baby our daughter! 
Francie our precious little girl called! I heard her sweet voice. She 
told me where she was, and she even described the house, Connor! I want 
you to get a team on it ... no, maybe not he said no cops. I think one 
of us should go out and search!" "Allie, I ..." "Connor, please, please 
tell ... tell me you believe me! No one here does, they all think I'm 
crazy but please, honey, tell me you believe me!" "I believe you, 
Allie." "I think you should rest, Allison." Dr. Grayner informed her. 
"I've rested enough, Doctor! I need to search for Francie right now." 
"Allie, are you sure you heard her voice?" Connor asked taking her 
hand. "I'm positive! I know my child's voice! A mother never forgets a 
sound like that." "Okay, what did she say about the house?" "She said 
it had a pine tree and then the line went dead." "Is she all right?" 
"She sounded all right. She just sounded scared. Connor, we have to do 
something!" her eyes began to well with tears as she thought about 
seeing her daughter again. "I'll get someone on it. But that's not much 

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