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Darkness (standard:Fan Fiction, 2025 words)
Author: DarkAngelAdded: Jun 25 2006Views/Reads: 1967/1308Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is written is Chapters, I will post chapter for chapter, it is about Bey-blade, a Anime tv show, but it goes about Brooklyn and a girl. Romance/horror

Hey guys, this is like my first beyblade story I'm posting, so please
don't insult me on my first go. This is kind off long, but the entire 
point is that I don't want to make it like most off those stories that 
they just declare their love after 1 hour, that is corny and stupid for 
me, and too quick. I'm adding a girl into this story, her name will be 
kept a secret for now, but this is strictly a Brooklyn story, so just 
hang ten and read. Please. 


After the last tournament, where the justice five was held by BEGA and
Boris and they were defeated and putted out of business. The BBA was 
recovering their wits and rebuilding the BBA foundation, first under a 
bridge, but now it was bigger than ever, 3 years have passed after all, 
and it was time for another tournament, but this one had a couple of 
twists, and it was almost time for the registration. 

Meanwhile at Tyson's house his former team members were there, they have
all returned to their original teams, only Diachi didn't have a team, 
so he just bladed in the forests, his favorite play territory. 

“Heya guys, so what's up?” Tyson asked them all as they were all seated
in the same room, a mildly small room, but they fitted in. “Not much, 
good too see you guys.” Ray said, his hair seemed to have grown even 
longer, fitting for him, since he was part of the white tigers, and 
tigers really had long hair. “Same here, so why did you call us here 
Tyson?” Max asked and Tyson sweat dropped, it seemed they didn't even 
know of the tournament. 

“Well guys, you see, there is another tournament being held here, by BBA
Revolutions, and well I was wondering...” Kai came through the door, he 
wasn't with them yet, but it seems he was ease dropping. “You thought 
that we'd join you in this battle?” Kai asked and Tyson put his hand 
behind his head and smiled innocently. “Well, yeah.” Tyson said and Kai 
snickered. “You don't know anything about this tournament do you?” Kai 
asked and Tyson shook his head. 

Diachi raised an eyebrow. “Tyson, don't tell me you dragged me all the
way from my home for something you don't even know much about?” Diachi 
asked in his usually high pitched voice while Max still held his 
innocent looking smile. 

Tyson scratched his head. “Well...No I don't really know much about this
tournament, I just know it's going to be the best, and that the winner 
of this tournament is winning a trip to a remote island somewhere in 
the ocean!” Tyson exclaimed stupidly. 

Kai walked to Tyson. “Since you don't know about this tournament, I
think I'll enlighten you guys a bit.” Kai said and Chief nodded. 
“Please do, for once not even I have the insight on this tournament.” 
Chief said and Kai nodded and began speaking. “This tournament doesn't 
work in teams, there is no teams, it's solo matches, that is all I'm 
saying.” Kai said and Tyson gasped. “Oh no, that means I'm going to 
have to go against my friends!” Tyson yelled and Max smiled and spoke. 
“You bet, I'm so entering this tournament.” He said and Diachi, Ray and 
Kai nodded. “Yes, so are we.” Kai said and Tyson sweat dropped again. 
“Great...Please Kai, anything else about the tournament, please share!” 
Tyson yelled and Kai growled. “Very well, they say 2 spots have been 
finalized, I know one is a female, but you'll never guess who the other 
one is.” Kai said and Tyson smiled. “I bet the chick is Ming-ming and 
the guy is probably Garlin or Mystel.” Tyson said and Kai shook his 

“No, it's not either of them, and I'm sure the girl isn't Ming-ming, the
guy is Brooklyn.” Kai said and Tyson gasped. “You've got too be kidding 
me...This is so awesome!” He yelled and everyone gasped, they didn't 
expect him too be overjoyed, not after what Brooklyn did the last time 
they bey-battled. 

Kai growled. “Tyson are you alright? Don't you remember what happened?”
Ray asked and Tyson nodded. “Yes, I do, I helped Brooklyn out of his 
darkened state of mind.” Tyson said and Kai growled again. “You really 
don't keep up too news, do you?” He asked and Tyson shook his head. 
“News is boring, why?” He asked and Kai sighed in irritation. “Brooklyn 
is back in his darkened state of mind, he forced his way into the 

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