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All i need (standard:poetry, 891 words)
Author: gemaAdded: Jun 25 2006Views/Reads: 1648/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
have you ever been so completly in love that nothing else matters?

You'll call me when it's late and you're drunk and probably stoned. And
you'll tell me you miss me. And i'll say it back and mean it. And 
although i know you don't, it doesn't matter because you said it. 

And hey, i guess that's all i need. 

The doctor told me i'm getting better. And my chest doesn't always hurt
like it used to. 

When i come over to your house we'll sit on the floor and listen to the
new record by that band you really like. And you'll lean in and kiss me 
really hard. and i'll kiss you back and mean it. And although i know 
you don't, it doesn't matter because you did it. 

And that's all i need. 

And one night you'll call me up, you're drunk and stoned again. I can
tell by your voice. And you'll tell me to meet you on the corner by the 
24hour garage. And we'll sit on the cold floor and you'll let me drink 
your beer and wear you're jacket. And you'll tell me you love me. And 
i'll say it back and mean it. And although i know you don't, it doesn't 
matter because you said it. 

And that is all i really need. 

My mum thinks you're too old for me. She knows about you getting drunk
and stoned or whatever you call it. She says the boys you go around 
with are bad news. But i told her not to worry because you let me 
borrow your jacket when i was cold. I didn't tell her the beer part. 
she wouldn't approve. 

The doctor said i'm getting better. I reckon he's right. My chest
doesn't hurt as much as it used to and my head has stopped spinning 

And one day we'll go out into town and walk side by side and i will try
to hold you are hand and you will tell me you can't because people 
frown upon us and don't really understand. And i nod my head to agree 
but i don't mean it. And even though i know you're lying, it doesn't 
matter cos you're by my side. 

And that is all i will ever need. 

One night you will call me up and tell me to come meet you. You won't
sound drunk or stoned, so i guess that maybe you are sober. I run to 
meet you at the top of my road, and you will stand there smiling. I 
will really fall in love with you that night. And i will tell you this. 
And you will tell me i'm cute and kiss my mouth harder than you ever 
had before. 

All that night i knew you were lying, but it didn't matter because you
said it. 

And you look me in the eyes and make me promise i love you. And i say i
do and mean it. You ask me if i would do anything for you, and i nod 
and i really do mean it. 

I would die for you. 

And you take my hand and we walk to the park and we sit down and it's
one a m, and really dark. And at that moment i start to believe that 
you really do love me. And that when you say those things you really 
mean it. And then you ask me to do this one thing with you. Something i 
have never done before. My mum told me to save this for when i fall in 
love. And even though i'm scared it's okay because you love me right? 
And i am in love with you so i let you. 

After that night i never saw you again. Except two days later, you were
holding hands with that other girl. She had blonde hair and you told me 
you didn't like that because girls with blonde hair don't like the same 
music as you. I don't think you saw me. 

And i ran home with a red face and tears scalding my cheeks. My chest
really hurt again and my head was spinning out bad. I took one last 
look at the picture of us and scribbled a short note to my mum 

"I'm sorry i didn't listen. You were right all along. Don't be mad at
the boy for lying to me and making me believe him. I meant every word i 
said him. And i told him i would die for him." 

And i died for you. 

And you're still with the girl with the blonde hair. And you sit and
listen to your favourite records but she doesn't like them. I did, i 
really did. I wish i had told you that. But i understand now why you 
didn't want me anymore. I know i was too young. And people don't frown 
upon you and her. 

I didn't see you at my funeral. But i guess you didn't know about it
'til you saw it on the news. My mum isn't mad at you, because i asked 
her not to be. 

If you ever pass by my grave just stop and say sorry. And i will forgive
you and mean it. And even though i know you are lying, it doesn't 
matter because you said it. 

As i told you, that is all i will ever need. 


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