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The Hitchhiker (standard:horror, 782 words)
Author: Michael Lance KerstingAdded: Jun 28 2006Views/Reads: 2696/1401Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A serial killer was loose on the highways.

The Hitchhiker 

He was just a punk kid about eighteen , well built and tough looking. He
had a mop of red hair hanging from beneath a blue baseball cap. He wore 
a black leather wind breaker and blue jeans  and he stood almost in the 
centre of the highway, waving me down. I felt sorry for him, so I 
pulled over and stopped . 

“Where you going, kid?” I asked. 

”To Kimberly.” he replied with a toothy smile. 

Kimberly was the next town about 10 miles ahead. 

“Okay, Kid, Get in ”I said. 

He thanked me ,unstrapped his haversack from his back, and got in. 

After he had buckled up, I found a gear, and drove off . 

I turned on the radio which was playing some country music. 

“So, what are you doing on the road at this time, there's a killer on
the loose in 

these parts, you know?' 

“Yeah, I know,” he said,” a real nut ,if you ask me, he already killed

people...axed them to death, he did.” 

I checked the fuel guage . It was almost empty. 

“Looks like I've got to get some gas.” I said. 

“A good idea,” He replied,” I also need to take a leak. ” 

We pulled into a three pump gas station a couple miles down the road. 

The Gas Station stood all alone in the midst of prairie land. A few
rolls of Hay laid 

scattered about in the distance, next to an old red Barn. 

An old guy came out of the store wiping his hands on a dirty rag as I
parked the car. 

“Well, What wiil it be?” asked the guy coming around to the driver's

“Fill her up,” I said. 

“Any washroom around here, pop ? “ asked the kid . 

“Yeah.” replied the old guy,” at the back of the store on your left.” 

The kid got out and went around the building. 

The old guy uncapped the fuel tank,and placed a pump inside. 

He said in a raspy voice,”Say, did you hear about them murders ?” 

“Yeah ,” I replied,” it's all over the news. Pretty grim stuff.” 

I was feeling kind of tired from the long trip,and didn't really feel
like talking, but 

being a nice guy, I figured that the old guy was a bit lonely,so I let
him talk. 

“Pretty sick guy, hacking up all them people like that”. He continued,
replacing the 

fuel pump.” “ "Yeah,I heard he sure butchered them, alright, I can't

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