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Girl!!!! (that won't kick me in the head) (standard:poetry, 140 words)
Author: GoudwonAdded: Feb 10 2001Views/Reads: 2764/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Cute poem about finding a girl that won't "kick the shit out of me".

GIRL!!!! (That won’t kick me in the head) 

I want a few simple things in life, 

hoping to get them before I’m dead. 

but most importantly, 

I want a girl that won’t kick me in the head. 

I know she is out there, 

but where, I cannot see?? 

I hope the next girl, 

Doesn’t want to kick the shit out of me. 

She’ll be really nice. 

She’ll be really fly. 

And her most feverent wish, 

won’t be for me to die. 

She’ll be there for better, 

She’ll be there for worse. 

She won’t even hit me, 

with a brick-filled purse. 

She won’t be evil, 

She won’t be mean. 

She won’t even try, 

to rip out my spleen. 

So if you can hear me, 

Listen to what I’ve said. 

I just want a girl, 

That won’t kick me in the head. 


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