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The Cabin (standard:romance, 1655 words)
Author: Steve CraineAdded: Jul 03 2006Views/Reads: 2591/1646Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is a story of a romantic get away in a beautiful mountain cabin. Two lovers a inviting fire and moon light to becon the feelings of love.

The weekend from heaven has arrived, and your ready.... you think! The
Drive is exquisite with the fall colors of the leaves gently touching 
your eyes with a dazzle of brilliant beauty. Colors that are unmatched 
in any pictures. Brilliant red and blues with spectacular yellows and 
browns flowing into a sea of breathless romantic splendor. 

The weekend has been planned now for a while and the wonder and
excitement is finely here. You've been dreaming of this drive for weeks 
and you imagination has not even come close to the splendor of this 
drive. The light squeezing of your hand as the car is flowing in to the 
curves, the Sun and how it is flickering through the tree's. Even the 
music on the stereo seems to match the beauty of this luscious view. 
Light comments by your sweetie blends the beauty of the monument with 
the warmth of your feeling towards this man. 

The final curve is approaching and the anticipation is sending a tense
excitement through your body. The wonderment of the curve ahead, is 
this maybe it's the next one. Oh yes the driveway and your car 
is moving though the woods and around the corner to... 

The Cabin so majestic yet blending to the forest texture. The wood of
the quaint log A-frame sets a glow in both your eyes, say in your mind 
can this be it, Wow look at its beauty! You both sit in the car gazing 
at the amazement of the second flood balcony. Hugh glass doors that 
open to the large log railing surrounding the complete second floor 
deck. Just knowing tonight how the Moon would come up over the trees 
and shine rays of its beams into those windows. 

Opening your door the crisp mountain air with such a pure and tasteful
aroma of the pines surrounds your mind and senses. A squirrel scamps 
across the yard and up a tree stopping on a large branch to stare with 
disapproval. Walking to porch he grabs your hand into a firm yet none 
pulling hold. Your approaching the door, As your heals knock on the 
wood floor of the porch. Slowly as the key turns and the doors open to 
a modern yet completely romantic rendezvous. Of course the spectacular 
fireplace is the very first thing that radiates those feelings. And Yes 
the stairs that move your eyes toward that loft as you remember those 
huge glass doors and tantalizing thoughts of moonbeams. A inviting sofa 
strategically place in front of that beautiful fireplace, allows you to 
see the flames dancing in your mind. 

Slowly turning to that man who has become so special in your life, you
see a gaze of wonderment in his eyes from the atmosphere of this 
delicious room. His hands sweetly rubbing your shoulders lightly as he 
pulls you towards him in to a warm comforting embrace. Laying your head 
on his chest you feel his strong protective arms surrounding you into a 
feeling of euphoria. You move your head back to see his tender caring 
eyes as his lips move to yours. A kiss that moves your bodies to 
stimulating thoughts of the weekend yet to unfold. 

With a quick squeeze he looks at you and says I will get our luggage.
And out the door to the car he goes, Leaving you to explore this real 
life dream cabin. Walking up the stairs to the loft you see such an 
amazing bed. The splendor of the large posts, the billowing pillows and 
the down comforter that's says to you dreams do come true! Opening the 
glass doors you step on to the deck and instantly feel the cool crisp 
air. Enormous white clouds over the top of the trees are visible in the 
distance west. Leaning across the railing you look at this darling man 
bending into the trunk of the car. His tight jeans and broad shoulders 
his long hair flows with the light breeze.....hummm more thoughts of 
that last kiss takes away the chill of the light briskness of the air. 
Looking to your right you see a deer and small brook in between the 
majestic trees. This large Buck bends to a cool drink of this flowing 
stream, and the sounds of the forest has you lost in the moments of 
such a serene picture. The Sun is softly landing behind the far off 
hillside as shadows from the trees move towards your perch. A muffled 
noise from down stairs brings you back inside to the railing over 
looking down stairs. 

A freshly started fire is lighting the lower level with yellow and
oranges that invites you down stairs to see what your romantic 
gentleman is up to now. Your hands lightly touches the rail as step by 
step you descend the stairs to a table so elegantly set with a white 
table cloth unlit candles and fine china pates. My God how does he do 
these things? Standing at the counter as you reach the last step you 

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