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Anticipation (standard:romance, 454 words)
Author: Steve CraineAdded: Jul 04 2006Views/Reads: 2805/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Anticipation is just that... the feelings of a new relationship. The excitement and splender

The evening has been so beautiful, the warmth of his touch sent chills
up and down your spine so many time there is a touch of fever building, 
starting in your heart. The kind that creates a glow that radiate from 
your eyes and a pure feeling of anticipation . The little things he as 
done and said still twirls thoughts in your mind of that burning 
feeling! When he held you hand and so softly squeezes or takes his 
fingers and sweetly rubs your palms. The sweet intent of his eyes 
looking deep into yours, you wonder if he is reading your mind as you 
begin to blush. Oh ! The kiss , when you least expected it took you to 
that melting point of desire. 

Almost floating as you walked with him, his strength and command of
control seems to be so natural, yet you feel the intense emotions from 
his inner child. The playfulness that pulls you close to a ultra glow 
of joy, stimulating those smile muscles to a point of ecstasy. 

Your beauty is unmatched , that sexy black dress that molds to you body
gently exposing your flowing curves, you have caught him more than once 
admiring your beauty with a steaming in his eyes like a warm cup of 
coffee on a cool fall morning. Your hair sparkles across you sexy 
shoulders flowing into a shawl that surrounds you luscious back. Its 
been an evening of pure magic, the dinner so perfect with candles that 
flickered in to dance that dreams are made of. The staff of the dinner 
club add to the mystical moments as they treat you both as you were a 
visiting Royalty from a quaint romantic Kingdom . Lost in the moments 
so many time as the evening has flowed in to a succulent night of 
romance and its not over yet. 

Walking with you hand in hand all of these thoughts streaming through
your mind. A warm excitement enters as step by step the elegance of the 
long hall way nears the entrance to our room. This door opens so 
smoothly and we walk into a beauty all its own. The large picture 
window exposing the light beams of a moon calling your heart to a 
flutter . You turn to a kiss that has a desire of unexplained words. 
Your hands on my chest as I Pull you close and our body's melt into a 
stream of passionate feelings! Could you say no to these feelings of 
extreme pleasure, would you want to ? Will this lead to a union of 
eternity , filled with pleasures beyond you wildest dreams? Is this the 
Anticipation your mind and body has yearned for? 


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