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The Rain (standard:romance, 700 words)
Author: Steve CraineAdded: Jul 04 2006Views/Reads: 2476/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A second date and a rain storm......

A night out of a dream you know that exquisite man is meeting you for a
for another special date. The relations ship is new filling your mind 
with sensual excitement of when he get here. Its a cloudy night with a 
little breeze and the smell of fresh rain coming from the west. 

Then there are lights pulling in your drive way as the Crisp sound of
his car comes to a stop. A moment of more tantalizing excitement 
crosses your mind.....Yes another evening with a man that has made you 
feel like a school girl again... Blushing and flirting in ways you 
thought you hard completely forgot... 

A firm knock, and your back in the room, and up to the door. As you open
it his smile captivates your attention, and you smell the aroma of his 
cologne. Stepping in your house he turns to you as if he were to kiss 
you and out of no where there is a beautiful rose. Your not completely 
surprised but are caught off guard. Knowing him just enough to know you 
don't know what he would bring you. You look up just long enough to get 
lost in his deep sexy eyes, and then that kiss happens.......One that 
still says hello......but ohhhhhhh the way your saying hello....... 

Your beautiful in your sex new dress your hair is glowing with a shine
that sparkles in his eyes. The dress fits so nicely and shows what 
dress to kill means.......Tap ...tap tap..tap tap tap...what is that? 
Its rain and as you look out side the sky open in to a torrent of water 
falling from the Heavens. So much you would not dare leave the porch 
with out being soaked to the bone. 

So its time to consider a change of plans, Hummmm may be a great night
to watch a little TV on that nice big Sofa of yours....and he agree 
with such elegance you wonder if he planed this storm. As a loud clap 
of thunder hits as shakes the house as bright light from the dark end 
sky lights the street through you stubble into his 
strong firm arms as both the noise and the light startles you and now 
he wonders if you had that planned. 

Moving to the sofa you grab that bottle of Wine you have had on the
shelf for so long....yes you know the one you were saving for something 
special....Well maybe this is it..... You open the wine and pour a 
glass for both and set the bottle there on the table in front....just 
in case you need a refill. The TV is on and the sound low as you touch 
glasses and he says here is to meeting you sweetie. Your tongue touches 
the sweet taste of the grape when another large clap of thunder hits 
and the TV and lights go dark. Yes you did think of every 
thing...candles on the table and a lighter your girl friend left 
yesterday, sitting right there. You light the candles and the light 
show from mother nature takes hold. What a great reason to be in his 
arm the thunder rolling and the light show is just beyond description. 

The candle light is just a flicker of the light from this light show and
its so romantic with the sound of rain hitting the glass of your 
windows. You know when you turn your head towards him its to meet him 
with a kiss that is matched only by the electricity from the storm! So 
you turn right in to that kiss.......ohhhh a deep tantalizing kiss the 
kind you have longed for what seems like an entity. He Stokes your hair 
as that sweet kiss moves feeling in your body and your soul to a level 
that removes all the sound of the storm. Your in his arms with kisses 
that makes your toes come to a gentle movement of the excitement. A 
warm feeling that has nothing to do with the temperature of the room. 
He then asks you with a look that has your heart on fire.......if you 
would like some more wine. Ahhhhhhh yes that would be 
good...great...sure I would. 


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