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The View (standard:romance, 1207 words)
Author: Steve CraineAdded: Jul 06 2006Views/Reads: 2246/1316Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A dinner for two lovers.... please send a review

Reservations, dinner for two unmatched by your wildest dreams! Pulling
up to your home in that car, long and sleek so clean and the prestige 
of the brilliant black glimmering machine. You watch from the window as 
he exit's the car and moves slowly toward your front door. Wow! The way 
he looks and moves tantalizing your thoughts of the evening to come. 
Hummmm those tight jeans molded to his legs and up to his waist, your 
thoughts are not of the innocent! His Shirt pressed and so nicely 
exposing his chest Yes quivers moving up and down your spine. 

The sweet chimes of your door bell, as you walk slowly to open a door
way to heaven. You Briskly open the door and he sees the splendor of 
that exquisite black dress you so carefully chose. Yes so the hem line 
is just a bit above proper as you feel his eyes captured by your 
beauty. Sure he can't help it, and pause ever so slightly at your 
breasts, would you of planned such a low cut spectacular dress? You bet 
you would and did! Your eyes meet and it's a magic between a man and a 
woman. As he enters you close the door and turning to greet him with a 
smile you have saved only for the most precious in you life. The palms 
of his hands open go directly to your curvy waist as you, with your 3 
inch still must raise you head for the kiss you have been smoldering 
for all after noon. Whoa...... your lips touch in to a whirly 
presumption of the evening to come. Whirling for your purse and a 
slight batting of your eyes you say.... Well darling I am ready. 

Opening the car door for you, and you enter the machine so clean that
you just know Cinderella would be so jealous. As he starts the car he 
reaches for a button on the dash and the moon roof opens . The drive is 
as sweet as the anticipation of your meeting. The little flirts that 
breath a exuberant feeling of romance into your heart. Soft touches 
that brings your mind to a wonderment of excitement and splendor you 
have never experienced . 

The restaurant situated on top of a ridge over looking the city with a
absolute gorgeous view. Leaving the car in Valet and the door man 
greeting us into a world of enchantment, we enter. We have a 
reservation two in your splendor room, slipping something toward our 
host, he says your finest table please. Holding your hand he guides you 
to your seat in front of a large picture window over looking the city 
with all it charms. The sun setting brings brilliant lights of the city 
that flicker into a dazzling haze of romance into your eyes. The 
cologne he is wearing is so sensational searing the thoughts of a 
ravishing intimate time hopefully in the evening still to come. His 
soft firm hands slide every so sweetly on to your leg and his fingers 
prance to a rhythm that sends you reeling with taste of desire. 

The dinner divine and the taste of the grape adds to a moment of true
delicious seduction . You move outside to a patio wall with steps that 
leading to a secluded large rock made to seat two so beautifully. Over 
looking the city's splendor he draws you near... and you fall tenderly 
into his kiss. Light from a enchant moon send a receptive heart to pure 
submission. Oh the tenderness of his lips and the sensual arousal that 
it creates. 

A brisk breeze comes flowing over the city to your perch and you notice
the large clouds in the back ground over the twinkling lights. Natures 
own brilliant sparks taking hold showing you both the mesmerizing 
romance of Mother nature herself. Holding you tight as you watch the 
dancing light show of this great storm moving toward you. Feelings of 
warmth from his touch making you forget all about the chill in the 
wind, the tender nibbles on your neck sends a turbulent excitement 
that's churning a need to be fulfilled. Pulling back your spinning head 
from such sweet desirable thoughts you say to him in a timid whirling 
voice...... Please take me, ah I mean take me home please, it's a bit 
cool out here and the storm is getting so close now you know. Of course 
my love as he places his hand gently under your chin and kisses you. 

Stepping back toward the patio of the restaurant and to the valet
attendant we await for his car. Holding hands with tingles still moving 
rapidly though out your mind and body you surrender to the resolution 
that there is much more to come before this night is to end. He has 
wined and dinned you to such succulent thoughts....Now its your turn 
and a beautiful woman with these intentions could be a sweet adversary! 

In your drive way and your getting out of the car after he opens it for

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