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On The Prowl Chapter 7 (standard:mystery, 3169 words)
Author: Sarah SpenserAdded: Jul 07 2006Views/Reads: 1804/1291Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
See what happens to Allie as the plot thickens and the stakes get higher!

7. Gruesome Discovery 

Connor glanced at Grayner and then back at Allison. She was almost in a
stupor and he tried to figure out exactly what had transpired. She 
continued to declare her innocence as Connor called for an ambulance. 
He had applied direct pressure to Harrigan's chest wounds and knew he 
had done everything in his power to save him. "Allie, how'd this 
happen?" "I ... I don't know, Connor! I didn't do this!" "Sweetheart, 
just calm down and tell me what happened. Can you do that?" Connor 
cringed when he heard sirens in the distance. He knew the ambulance 
couldn't have arrived that fast. Before he could think, the door burst 
open and Bob Frank and Bryan Sutten walked in. "Freeze, police!" "Bob, 
Bryan! What the hell are you doing here?" "What are you doing here, 
Connor?" Bob asked spotting Allison dazed and confused in the corner. 
"I ... I ..." "Save it, Connor. We know what this is about." Bryan said 
sharply. "Allie didn't do this! She told me so!" "Connor, you're 
officially off this case. This is a  conflict of interest!" "But, 
Chief! ..." "Please remove yourself, Connor. Did you call an 
ambulance?" "Yes, it's on its way. What about Allie?" "She'll be booked 
and finger printed downtown." "But ..." "Connor, kindly remove 
yourself. Wait outside." "You called the cops on me? Are you crazy?" 
Allie shouted realizing her fate. "I didn't, Allie! I love you! I would 
never do that!" "Then how did they get here? Connor, what's going to 
happen to me?" "I'll meet you downtown. I don't know how they got here, 
sweetness, but I didn't call them!" Connor waited reluctantly on the 
front walk. The house was now bustling with activity, paramedics were 
rushing passed him; forensics and crime scene investigators were 
swarming all over. The news media had even started to arrive, and were 
camped out on the front lawn. Allison was still inside; he was waiting 
for her to emerge. "Allison, can you tell me what happened?" Bryan 
asked softly. He could tell by her eyes that she wasn't fully coherent, 
and went easy on her. "I don't know, Bryan! I don't remember. I 
remember Connor showing up." "Why did you come here?" "I ... I thought 
he had her." "Who had her? What are you talking about?" "Grainer, I 
thought Grayner had Francie! I came here to ask him." "Was he alive 
when you walked in?" "I can't remember." She started to sob and shake 
uncontrollably. "Allison, I'm going to have to take you down to the 
station. I need to take the gun from you. Can you hand it to me?" She 
hadn't even realized she was holding a gun until Bryan mentioned it. 
She handed it to Bryan; he placed it in an evidence bag and handed to 
the forensic team. "Allison, I have to cuff you now. It's standard 
procedure. I also have to read you your rights." She sobbed as he began 
to speak again. Bryan gently placed the handcuffs around her wrists and 
began to speak. "Allison Cassidy, you're under arrest for the attempted 
murder of Dr. Harrigan Grayner. Anything you say can and will be used 
against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney, if 
you can afford one, one will be appointed for you ..." 

Connor patted Allison's arm as she was led passed him. He looked into
her eyes and shuttered. She was gone again, inside her own little 
world. But he still couldn't believe she had murdered a man. She 
couldn't do that, not Allie. "I love you, Allie. It's going to be all 
right." He said softly. He watched as Bryan helped her into the police 
car and sped away. Connor followed him downtown, but wasn't allowed 
anywhere near the interrogation room. "You know you can't go in there, 
Connor." Bob said curtly. "I know, Bob. Allie didn't do this. I know 
she didn't!" "That's all well and good, but based on the evidence we 
had no choice, Connor." "Go easy on her, please." "I will. She'll be 
arraigned in the morning." "You mean you're putting her in jail?" "Just 
for tonight." "But, Chief! ..." "Connor, you know it's standard 
procedure. This doesn't give me pleasure, Connor. Allison's a sweet 
lady, but the evidence speaks for itself. She probably murdered 
Grayner." "Probably? You have her in there on probably?" "Connor, 
you're off this case. Go home." "Go home? Are you crazy?" "Wait out 
here." "Isn't there anything I can do?" Connor asked his eyes beginning 
to fill with tears. "Call an attorney." Bob barked before stepping in 
to the interrogation room. 

Connor phoned Price Harmont one of Fallwood's finest attorneys. He was
quite expensive, but he was also the best. He had never lost a case in 
his thirty-year career and Connor trusted him. As he waited for Price 
to arrive, Connor thought about the downward spiral his life had taken 
in the last few months. A madman kidnapped his daughter; his wife was 
in a psych ward, and now stood accused of attempted murder. He phoned 
Lynn and his parents as well. Within half an hour, they arrived to join 

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