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.........and we became orphans!! (standard:drama, 3964 words)
Author: SafaaAdded: Jul 26 2006Views/Reads: 2316/1366Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The story is about 2twines about 10years old who have escaped from home as their parents suffered from a serious financial crisis.Soon,they found themselves in an orphanage and then adopted.Through these events,their life has changed and they have much mo

I was always living here and now I'm leaving it! ....... “Let's go
sister! Put it there!” “There brother?!” “Yes! Under the pillow...hurry 
up they'll wake up any second!!” we went out of the house as quite as 
possible and we run “run sister! Run!” I'm running away with my sister 
from the house that was warm and was full of live and happiness. We are 
running to nowhere, just running as we felt that we are a heavy 
responsibility on our parents. 

We are living in Morocco in one of its city kentia exactly in Khabazat
“popular market”. My mother is a teacher of a primary school and our 
father is a merchant. My sister and I are twines of 10 years old. The 
house is small, but full of passion and love which makes it larger than 
the eyes meet. The room of my sister and I overlooks on the centre of 
Khabazat. Each morning, the noise of the scratching iron doors of the 
merchants' garages wakes us up “Hum! It's noisy but we got the habit”. 
We were living happily; everything was alright, but it comes a time 
when me and my sister came back home , in the morning as our teacher 
didn't come, we were surprise as our parents were at home; normally, my 
father should be selling clothes and our mother should be teaching. 
When we asked, they told us that they took one day for rest! And 
immediately, they asked us to go to our room. We did, but we kept our 
ears open to hear something that explains more, but in vain. The 
following days the same thing and things are getting worse. Our father 
was stolen “everything is gone! Gone! Gone!” this is what we've heard 
and we knew later on that our mother is ill and that she can't go on 
teaching for 3 months as the doctor ordered. 

I went to my room with my sister and we discussed the economical crises
that we are going through and she said “we have to work!!” I said 
“where,?! Who would accept us or at least teach as how to earn money? 
Bad idea! Look for something else! We are so young to work. No one 
would accept us and if we worked, our parents would punish us, moreover 
we are going to be absent and our parents would be informed”. At the 
dinner, which gets smaller and smaller each day, our parents finally 
admitted it! And they revealed that “we are in trouble!” 

I went to my disk and started revising as usual, but I couldn't
concentrate neither my sister. “Nada! What did you say just before the 
dinner?! I think that I accept it....there is no problem to try and who 
knows!!! Maybe we are going to have a job” “Amine! Are you serious?!!” 
“Yes, Unfortunately!” “Tomorrow morning when we are at school, I'm 
going to ask my friends if they know any way to help our parents!” 
“Okay! Go ahead and I'm going to make sure that the responsible of 
absence doesn't mark our absence!” The following night when we go to 
our room after the dinner Nada told me that one of her friends had told 
her that she knows some guys that sells plastic bags to whom buys goods 
in the market and she told her that they can borrow some bags without 
money from a man who gives them to children like us to help their 
families with a condition to give him the half price of the plastic 
bags that he gives you in the first time and so we can sell and buy 
other bags and earn seems good idea ,but I suggest to Nada 
that she should beg near by me while we are in the crowd in the market 
as the sneaks thief are every where.....for one month we didn't go to 
school and we worked so hard and our mother realized that our clothes 
were dirty and that we look exhausted. She went that morning to the 
director asking the teachers who affirmed that they haven't seen us for 
about a month and that a friend of us helped us by marking no absence. 

That evening our friend came and told us everything; that's why, we
decided to leave home as we were a heavy responsibility on our parents. 
“Tomorrow morning, before even the merchants open their doors, we 
should be away, ok Nada?” “No! It's not okay! On what are we going to 
live?!” “Don't worry I'll dived the money into two parts, we are going 
to take the small one as we are younger and we don't need so much ,and 
we are going to leave the bigger one for our parents as they are older 
and bigger than us and the rest God will help us to have more money and 
shelter”. Nada putted the money under the pillow as I asked her and we 
went away running. “Amine! I'm tired!” “ok stop” “WUW!!! Are we far 
enough” “yes, I guess!!” “ Ah, by the way Nada I leave a letter under 
my pillow to our parents to inform them that we are going to be okay” 
“really!? I didn't think about it, Uha! So, genius! Where are we going 
to spend the night?!” I admitted it! I don't know, but I looked around 
and I saw some pieces of cloths and some cardboard “help me to bring 
these here” we found a tinny alley and this is our temporary home until 
we get enough money to rent a room. “I'm hungry Amine!” “me too” “Oh, I 

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