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The salesman (standard:horror, 241 words)
Author: Michael Lance KerstingAdded: Aug 02 2006Views/Reads: 2364/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Frank sold an unusual item.

Frank was in the bar drinking away his sorrows, when the tall 

blond wriggled over to him and said in a soft voice 

“May I join you?”she asked pleasantly. 

Frank looked up at her. 

She isn't a bad cookie  he thought. 

“Sure, why not, what are you having?” 

The blond sat down next to him and said in a syrupy voice 

“A Gin and Tonic,Charley.”she said to the barman. 

The barman smiled and filled the order. 

“My name is Ella”she cooed softly 

“Mine's Frank.” 

“Nice to meet you Frank.”she replied . 

“New around here, aren't you,Frank ” She asked, sipping the cool drink

‘Yeah, I am a salesman. Been in town about a couple of days  now”. 

“Oh,I see,”replied the blond,”no wonder I've  never 

seen you here before”. 

“I ‘ve been pretty busy.and I am running out of supplies. 

“Yes? what's your line?” 

“I work for a Hospital” 


“Yeah, I supply syringes for my company” 

The blond shuddered . 

“Oooooo! I hate needles.”she said. 

Frank smiled,'Well ,It's a living.” 

“I guess.”she conceded. 

Later at a nearby motel they  found themselves in bed. 

During their lovemaking ,the blond suddenly felt a sharp 

piercing in her neck. 

She stiffened , “Owww that hurt!” then realizating struck her. 

“Y-You are a-a-a-a”  She tried to scream ,but was too late, 

Frank held her down with his body and placing a hand over her 

mouth said. “Yes, love, I also supply instant immortality,” 

The End 


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