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The Brunette Killer (standard:Suspense, 1419 words)
Author: Michael Lance KerstingAdded: Aug 08 2006Views/Reads: 2693/1483Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Jackson, the Brunette Killer, had a sharp surprise in store

Jackson watched her moved in from his apartment's  window. She was
beautiful,full bodied and a brunette. He felt excited. He loved 
brunettes. especilly loved to kill them. 

It all started back in his youth when he fell in love with a brunette
named Hyacinth. She was in the same choir with him and she spurned his 
advances,telling him that he was “not her type”.  It hurt then and it 
still did, even after twenty years.. 

Then the killings started and he murdered twelve women since then. All
brunettes .The cops were after him ,of course,and he had eluded them 
for six years. He killed at random ,off and on some times months on end 
, which made it difficult for the authorities to catch him. The press 
called him the “Brunette Killer.” He liked that . It had a great ring 
to it. but the cops were fools, depending mostly on tips from citizens. 
Apart from that, they were incompetent jackasses he concluded and he 
despised them for that. He even sent type written notes to them from 
time to time taunting them. One such was “I spoke to a couple of you 
guys the other night, catch me if you can” and signed BK for Brunette 
Killer. He taunted them just like Jack The Ripper (who was his 
favourite serial killer) did in Whitechapel,London back in 1888. He had 
even tried to copycat Jack leaving some of his victims disembowelled, 
but after a couple of victim he found he hadn't the stomach to carry 
out such mutilations. It was too gory for him. So he garroted, raped 
and slit their throats. He found this method less messy. 

Now there was this new tenant. How appropiate. It was ironic. He didn't
have to search for them this time. She had come to him. What a bonus! 
he concluded excitedly. She would be lucky number thirteen He studied 
her movements for a couple of weeks found out that her name was Rachel 
and  that she lived two floors below him at number fourteen and that 
she had a boyfriend named Frank ,who would pick her up on weekends. He 
seemed to be well off,always dressed in well tailored suits,he noted, 
and a pang of jealousy would washed over him combined with bitter 
hatred. It reminded him of Hyacinth and her “high falutin' boyfriends. 

It was a cold windless night that Jackson decided to kill his neigbour.
He looked at his watch. It read 6:30. She would be here from work in 
another fifteen minutes. She was a precise person he had observed and 
very punctual. 

In his apartment, Jackson reached into his coat pocket locating his
black driving gloves. He liked the feel of the type with the holes in 
them for his knuckles to show through. The thin piano wire was in his 
other pocket along with the serrated knife. “Guaranteed to cut thru a 
stale loaf of bread and even a steak bone.”The TV ad said. He stepped 
off on a dream tangent momentarily recalling the advertisement. 

He went out into the long narrow corridor and down the stairway to
Rachel's apartment. He gripped the bannister with one hand and took 
each step with meticulously placed footsteps so as not to make a sound 
of his trespass. 

The hallway offered a weird silence and no one was in sight. He slipped
a credit card between the jamb and the lock and pushed against the 
door. The door clicked and opened a crack.. Rachel didn't have time to 
secure and mount her dead bolt as of yet. He listened intently before 
entering. There was a loud ticking of a wall clock as he closed the 
door behind him and locked it. He went directly to her bedroom. He 
smiled displaying his decaying teeth as he opened her dresser drawers. 
He fondled her delicate silk underwear stroking them with the 
gentleness of petting a fawn, and breathed in their tantilizing smell , 
getting a slight erection. 

The phone in the living room rang .He stiffened. The answering machine
picked it up on the fourth ring. “Baby, it's Frank..I ‘ve got the 
contract and we are going out to celebrate. I'll pick you up at 7:30 . 
Bye now,Ilove you.sweetheart” The phone clicked off. Jackson smiled 
weakly. He scanned the bedroom for a place to hide. He entered the 
bathroom. behind the shower curtain! Yes ,he reasoned...No wait! He 
changed his mind abruptly. He stepped from the plastic tub pushing 
aside the white vinyl curtain. And entered the walk-in closet instead. 
He placed his back to the wall of the closet and waited now for 
Rachel's shower when she came home from work. 

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