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The First Date (standard:romance, 1730 words)
Author: Steve CraineAdded: Aug 08 2006Views/Reads: 2682/1517Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A story of a internet date that goes very well...if you have ever talked on line and met someone... this is a story for you

Its your first date, as you pull into the parking lot your mind starts
to wander. Will he really be as cute as his pictures? Wahoo ! A great 
parking spot right there waiting as if it was reserved just for you. 
Shutting off your car you look at your watch. Hummmm told him 7pm can't 
be to early. 

Ok so you met on the internet dating site so you're a little nervous,
you've talk on line and on the phone several times and he sure seems 
sweet enough. Getting out of the car and looking toward the little out 
door Café you wonder if he is already there? And as you round the 
corner there he is ! My..... looks better than the pictures in those 
nice jeans, Yummy and that smile as he see you walking toward him. 
Hummm this might be kind of nice. You eyes are glowing with an 
anticipation as he's now stepping toward you with a hug of welcome that 
shows you why your meeting this man. 

He softly takes your hand and guides you to an inviting little table for
two. Pulling out your chair he looks at you with two in creditably sexy 
eyes and says Would you like some wine? Sure that would be sweet. You 
are completely over whelmed by the charm of this little café and the 
weather is just perfect. To say nothing of the tingling thoughts 
streaming and steaming in you mind of this lushes man. 

The afternoon has been spectacular with this Charming and captivating
man. You agree to meet this evening to continue this magical warmth. 
Walking you to your car, your keys in your hand you unlock your door 
and turn to say good by with thoughts of him kissing you good bye. Bang 
Bang! as a car back fires and send you tumbling in to his arms. You 
smile as you catch yourself against his strong chest and his arms 
surrounding you with a protective feeling just hard to describe! You 
look up to meet his sweet lips moving slowly toward yours and as they 
meet, woohoo!! A stream of warm sensations enter your body as you melt 
into a dream state that of what may come from this passionate kiss. You 
pull yourself together as you are showing your great control and 
composure. Reaching with your keys to unlock your car, he smiles and 
says you opened it remember. A deep blush rushes to your face as you 
say 7pm then? 

Diving away your thinking Wow! This man is great! That sweet kiss am I
in trouble he? Three hours to get ready, what will I wear? How 
will I dazzle him the way he did me? Smile girl you know he has not 
seen anything yet! 

You enter your home and the mad rush beings. He is going to see a woman
tonight a woman full of passion and beauty and style. What will you 
wear? You go through your closet a search for the perfect outfit. Yes 
the one that will melt his emotions and take away his breath. Laying 
out three dresses on your bed and holding each one to your body. No 
this one is to long and this one is just not the color of temptation. 
Oh Yes the sweet innocent look of white! Although it is a bit short, 
but what the heck you do have great legs. Smiling and thinking how you 
will watch him stutter and squirm, that little devil in you is coming 
out! Hummm the shoes now... yes three inch heels should do the trick. 
Ok hair and make up, since your wearing white you should stick with the 
innocent look your hair down and flowing with a sweet look of a young 
knock out. As you finish your make up you hear on the radio its 6:40 pm 
Wow! Only 20 more minutes until he is here. The make up is like out of 
a movie as you look at yourself in the mirror, perfection in motion. 
Hope his heart can take this woman he has a date with tonight. 

Ding dong ding dong.... Is that him already? Oh my it is 7 PM already
guess he can't wait to see how your going to stun him. Ding dong ding 
dong...ok hope your prepared for me, as you walk with a flow of 
elegance in your walk to the door. You pause until you hear the first 
ding and be for the dong you open the door, You sweetest smile gracing 
you face. There he is standing on your porch in the dimly lit light of 
you house. Your dressed to kill and he came to your door dressed 
like... Well like a man from a dream! Wooo so dreamy and yummy!! 
Standing there in that Black leather coat nicely fitting jeans and a 
matching white shirt that looks soooo good. His smile has you 
mesmerized Damn he's hot! Looking at you with those lushes sexy eyes he 
says sweetie your beautiful! Yes your stunned and as you try to 
gracefully step to him for a hug you stumble in your three inch heels 
right into his arms. Humm not such a bad idea wearing these heels. You 
do notice that aroma of his cologne so scrumptious your just lost in 

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