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Freakhouse (standard:humor, 1085 words)
Author: Michael Lance KerstingAdded: Aug 12 2006Views/Reads: 2106/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Macm the repair guy had a surprise awaiting him.

The sign read in blood red letters “WOODSIDE  GUEST  HOUSE”.” There was
a lot number saying 14 tacked to the side of the rusty gate.  Mac 
stopped his car and checked his clipboard. “It's the place all right“ 
he said aloud.  He got out of the car and looked at the building . It 
was a two storey affair  probably  built in the early twentieth century 
with a mansard roof, and huge bay windows in front.  It was set back a 
short distance from the road and was surrouned by weeping willows 
trees.  Upon closer inspection , Mac noted that some of the windows 
were barred. Creepy was the first thought that came to his  mind  and a 
shudder ran through him . He then went to the back of the car and took 
out his toolbox from the trunk. He went up to the door and pressed the 
door bell. The door cracked open a bit “Yes?”came a frosty voice from 
within. ‘Hello there ,I am the electrician.  I understand that there is 
a power cut on the second floor. An elderly woman emerged. “Ah, yes, 
please come in. We were expecting you ,I am  Mrs. Elliot, the care 
taker. Inside he saw a young woman about twenty clutching a doll 
sitting on the stairs.  She looked at him from between a tangle of red 
hair. Her gown was open and she sat with her legs parted. Mac stiffened 
at the sight. The old lady must have sensed his unease . “Oh, That's 
Betty.”she said following his gaze. “Hello, Betty, how are you?”said 
Mac smiling. “Betty, closed your legs!”cried the old lady. The young 
woman didn't reply. She suddenly got up and quickly opened her night 
gown exposing her nakedness to him . The old lady saw the quick 
movement  “Get back to your room,Betty, NOW!”. she ordered sternly. 
Betty turned and walked upstairs. She turned and looked at Mac, smiled. 
“See you later,handsome.”she said and disappeared around a wall. 
“Ignore her” said the old woman evenly,” she likes startling people.” 
What a  weird way to startle someone. He thought. The old woman then 
led him to a tool room.and switch on a light.  He went across to the 
panel opened it and checked around. The old woman said “I will be in 
the lobby if you need me.” and left. As he checked around inside he 
felt a presence behind him. He turned quickly and saw a tall strapping 
black guy staring intently at him . He hadn't heard him approach and 
was taken aback. “Oh,Hello,” he said  nervously. The black guy said 
nothing, but dipped into his pants pocket and took out a lollipop which 
he offered . From the looks of him, I'd better humor him. figured Mac 
still shakened. “Why, thanks,” he said quickly accepting it.with a 
smile “My lollipop !, My lollipop!, I want my lollipop!”cried the man 
loudly. Shakened at the suden outburst,  Mac handed it back quickly. 
The black guy took it  and said. “You tried to steal my lollipop. I 
will tell Ma on you.” Mac ,confused, couldn't say or do anything . He 
just wanted to get out of this creepy joint and fast. “Monroe , get 
back to the kitchen and finish moping the floor!. “ordered the old lady 
returning to the room. “Yes, Ma “ He replied meekly ,turned and walked  
away. “I heard his yelling.” she said apologetically . “That's Monroe, 
the janitor, he has the mind of an eight year old ,poor chap, ever 
since he saw his father axed  is mother to death he's been that way”. 
Mac was speechless. “Is there anything I can  help you with?” she 
asked.pleasantly. Calming himself, Mac shook his head.” “No .no,thanks 
. I am fine now .  I have everything I need, It wouldn't be long now.” 
“Okay then.”she said ,”Call me if you need anything, I ‘ll be in the 

“Thanks.” Mac replied. He quickly checked and found the fault in the
wiring, fixed it, and was leaving when Betty bumped into him . She 
reached out and grabbed him by the crotch. ”Do it to me!” she said. “I 
‘ve just put Sandra to bed.” She started to unzip him. “What the 
Hell...” “Betty !! “cried the old lady entering the room again .'Get 
away from the gentleman NOW ,you hear me?” Betty rushed over to her and 
grabbed her scrawny throat “‘Shut up, you old bitch, I hate you!” and 
began squeezing her throat. Coming out of his  stupor, Mac rushed over 
and grabbed Betty's hands pulling them away from the old woman's 
throat. “Stop it, Betty,”He shouted. She let go and turned to him 
,smiled “Anything for you, handsome.” The old woman held her throat and 
began coughing.  Mac went over to her assistance.. ” Are you Okay 
,ma'am?” he asked ,worried. “Yes, yes I think so.”she replied coughing 
loudly.'damn that girl.” “Shut up !” cried Betty . “Should I call the 
Ambulance?” “No, No I will be  alright,” Munroe suddenly appeared 
carrying a large kitchen knife in his huge hand. “what are you doin' to 
Ma?” He cried raising the knife. Mac stiffened. The old lady looked 
sternly at Monroe and said “Put down the knife, Monroe, I am okay “ 
Munroe obeyed meekly. Dropping the knife to the floor. “You hurt Ma and 
I ‘ll kill you .you hear?” he said to Mac ‘It's all right, Monroe, go 
back to the kitchen,” she ordered. Monroe left the room glaring at Mac 
who felt a shudder running through him at the threat.. Betty then 
rushed over and picked up. The knife.  She looked at Mac and said, “ 
It's a good night for a killing,huh” Mac gasped and said, “Give me the 
knife, Betty, then we can”, He winked  “You know what “ Betty smiled 
wildly and handed him the knife . With a sigh of relief ,he took it and 
handed it to the old lady. Then taking up his tool box. He said.” ‘I 
‘ll be back tomorrow,Betty.” “No, No I want you now!” she screamed. 
‘You can't leave., You promise...” “Sorry, Betty, but I must go .” He 
rushed to the door, turned to the old lady and said. “We will bill you 
later.” He rushed over to his car Mac got in quickly leaving Betty 
standing at the gate. He stepped on the gas and sped down the road. 
Breathing a sigh of relief when he heard a familiar voice in the back 
seat saying ‘Want a lollipop?” 


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