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The Child (standard:Suspense, 16133 words)
Author: ChanceyAdded: Aug 12 2006Views/Reads: 2950/1581Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A child found on the road leads to question about who, or what the child is. It also leads to a very frantic escape and rescue.

The Child 


The road was slippery and wet, and I was cruising along at a faster clip
than I should have been using.  It was late and I was ready to get back 
to the school.  It was a three hour drive from my parents house, and it 
seamed like much farther than that when I didn't really want to go back 
yet anyway.  I let my mind wonder as I was prone to do on days like 
this.  I thought about my ex-boyfreind and my best freind and how he 
had screwed me over and how she had screwed me over.  The truth was I 
was even more mad at Mattie than I was at John.  I had moved into the 
dorms for the first time about six monthes ago, when college had 
started in the fall.  I had moved away from everything I had ever 
known, my parents, my home, my town, and my boyfreind.  He was a 
selfish little brat anyway, and I know that now, but then he had been 
the sun, moon and stars to me.  I had loved him more than anything. 

When I had moved in at the dorms, he had not liked it at all, he wanted
me to stay home, marry him and have babies, the thought of me in 
college made him nervous and he was very controlling anyway, but at the 
time, I had just told him that college was best for me, that way, when 
I got out, I could go to work and make decent money. 

His rebuttal had been "You don't need to work, I will work, you need to
stay at home and raise children."  I didn't know if that was what I 
wanted or not.  I did eventually want children, but not right away, I 
still had a lot of living left to do first.  Besides that, he was from 
money, but that money belonged to his parents so I wasn't as sure as he 
was that we would immediately be set.  So all things considered, I 
started college.  I made a lot of new freinds (thank god) and went home 
almost every weekend to see my parents and freinds at home.  It was 
hard to go home even then.  Every weekend, John came to visit me, and I 
thought that he had accepted me going off to school.  He could be a bit 
of a brute if he didn't get his way, but this time it seamed like he 
was happy enough for the moment. 

My roommate at school became my new best freind, Mattie never seamed to
make time for me when I was at home and I got tired of her telling me 
she would meet me and then never showing up, and I got tired of calling 
her six or eight times before she would actually be there to answer the 
phone.  My roommates name was Kayla, and she was great.  She and I took 
the same classes, studied together, went out when we could together, 
and even became members of a campus sororiety together.  We attended 
dances together, socials together, and went drinking together on the 
occasional weekends when we couldn't go home because there was too much 
to do. 

Then, I had returned home for the Thanksgiving break.  I left school a
day earlier than I had planned because my classes for the day before 
break had ended up being cancelled.  I had been planning on dropping in 
on John when I got back to town, but now I thought it would be that 
much more excited since he was not expecting me.  He was always alone 
during the day, his mother had umpteen million things to do, from 
working out at the club, to spas and facials, and then there was John's 
little sister Abby, when Mrs. McMahan did not have anything more 
pressing to do, she spent the day with Abby in daycare.  Meanwhile, Mr. 
McMahan was at work, and John was usually at home, or at work.  This 
week, John had off for Thanksgiving, his father had given him the break 
so that he could spend it with me for the most part, but Mr. McMahan 
thought the world would crash if he was not there. 

I pulled into John's driveway and walked toward the front door.  It was
unlocked.  I walked in.  It wasn't like breaking in, I had done this 
several hundred times before and there was nothing new about it to me.  
Even if the door had been locked, Mr. McMahan had given me a key almost 
two years ago, so that I could come and go as I pleased. 

I had a thing about scaring people too, I thought it was funny to see
the expression of fear or alarm on thier faces, expecially Johns.  Then 
it would melt away, and there would be that look of love and surprise 
that I was home early.  I had a gift for him hidden behind my back as I 
snuck through the enormous house on tip toes.  He might catch me in the 
act, he had done so before, so I kept my gift hidden.  I snuck into the 
living room and looked in.  He wasn't there, so I went into the sport 

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