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Night of the Werewolf ! (standard:horror, 2141 words)
Author: Michael Lance KerstingAdded: Aug 16 2006Views/Reads: 2132/1273Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Jack Carter had a dark secret.

Jack Carter was bitten by a wolf in a dark forest when he was in Romania
a  month ago.  The old man who rescued him said that as he survived, he 
would change into a werewolf every night of the full moon, he almost 
laugh in the old man's face. He didn't believe in such nonsense. A 
werewolf in this Twentieth Century? hogwash! he concluded. 

At his Apartment in Calgary on a full moon night, he felt a strange
burning sensation washing  over his body. He felt confused . By some 
esoteric force, he was drawn to a  window, The moonlight washed across 
his face.  His face began to change . The burning became more intense.  
There was absolutely no doubt that something weird was happening.  He 
looked on amazed at his hands.  His fingers were slowly lengthening, 
and the nails were starting  to grow into long, pointed claws.  Dark 
gray fur sprang up all over his body, and his muscles spread.  His 
clothes were ripped ,and fell away, as he changed shape.  His  arms 
lengthened, claws clickng on his paws.  His face  jutted forward, his 
nose and mouth melding together in a tooth filled, saliva dripping 
muzzle.  His eyes sank back into his face, getting redder , more feral. 
 His ears lengthen, the lobes disappeared, and pointed dog like ears 
sprouted.  His hair vanished in the gray fur as the transformation 

”No ! No!”he screamed, "It cannot be !". A blood thirst began filling
his thoughts. "Blood , I must have some blood !" he cried in a deep 
growl.  He opened the window and climbed down a tree at the back of the 
yard and raced into the night on all fours.  Then he saw her. A lone 
woman. Helpless. The thirst in him grew! .He hid in some bushes nearby. 
 The woman stopped,suddenly feeling that she was being followed, She 
then turned and gasped at the huge grey wolflike creature following 
her. She tried to run.  The creature went into a crouch then sprang 
towards her. She screamed in fright. He slammed into her, knocking her 
off balance and both fell heavily on the ground . She struggled bravely 
for her life, but she was no match for the hulking werewolf. His furry 
arm raised and came down in an awkward arch . The crushing blow  
cracked her skull  killing her instantly.  He began licking at the warm 
blood that emerged from her shattered skull.  Satisfied, he raised his 
massive head and gave a blood curdling howl to the moon. A bum nearby 
heard the howling and got up. His liquor filled thoughts trying to 
focus. Then he saw the creature. “Shit !”he cried. The werewolf stopped 
it's howling, turned and looked at him . It's burning red eyes glared 
at him. The bum began running,  the werewolf went after him in leaps 
and bounds saliva drooling from his mouth.  He snarled once then made a 
flying leap, knocking the man off his feet . the man fell forward 
landing heavily on the ground. The werewolf on top of him. The man 
began screaming.  The Beast lifted it's his paws... 

A bum found their mutilated bodies the next morning. 

Back in his Apartment Jack Carter lay naked on the floor ,his mind
confused. Blood was every where. He couldn't remember anything. 

The next night . The prostitute walked a bit unsteadily along the
sidewalk. As she passed a shadowy alleyway, a hairy hand struck like a 
snake and wrapped around her mouth, dragging her into the darkness with 
such strength that she was lifted entirely off the ground. There was a 
loud growl. She kicked wildly but hit only air. The last thing she saw 
was an open mouth of long yellow fangs. The RCMP Officer squatted next 
to the body and saw the blank stare of the young woman who couldn't be 
more than twenty-five under the heavy makeup. The eyes were wide, and 
her mouth gaped open in surprise, in a scream, or perhaps to beg for 
pity. The perpetrator had shown none. Instead he had ripped her throat 
out. The seventh for the past month with the same modus operandi and 
the RCMP couldn't figure out. They knew that the typical serial killer 
either strangled or use some weapon to kill his / her victims, but this 
one uses neither, and it seems just brute strength and savagery. 
citizens held their breath in fear .Both uniformed and plain clothes 
officers were every where in the Downtown area where most of the 
murders were committed. The killer seems to strike at  at random which 
made it difficult for the investigation. 

It was about 12.30 am the next night. Frank Collins, a loner, boarded
the Transit bus to downtown Calgary, took the LRT and got off at 
Dalhousie, a Calgary neighberhood. He was an unsmiling young man about 
twenty five, thick black hair and greenish eyes. The next day at the 
Calgary Police Service Headquarters on 6 th Avenue, Chief Inspector 

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