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self government (standard:Inspirational stories, 552 words)
Author: AnonymousAdded: Aug 16 2006Views/Reads: 2287/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
self government is for people to govern their countries without politicians


Complaining and whining about issues of concern that will never be
solved has become our way of life.  If you allow a hand full of 
Representatives to govern your country what could you expect? laziness 
towards Representatives has already cost people their culture, land and 
future.  Independed Political Parties registered and non registered, 
Organizations, Agencies, must join as a One to solve issues of concern 
if they Truly Care about there Members, Country and planet not 
PRESTIAGE and MONEY.  Immigrants now do not have to run to other 
countries they can stay and fight for their own countries. The 
Individual Majority Vote Self-Government is for Individual citizens, to 
govern all aspects of their country government departments and 
branches.  Without the services of Dictators, Politicians or 
Presidents, to achieve a True Democracy “Rule of the People by the 
Individual People.” All government departments and their branches shall 
enter Alphabetically within a Debate to solve Issues of Concern by 
Citizens and within Departments, also to structure our Government 
Departments efficiently and to stop Corruption that maybe within.  Each 
Government Department will enter a Debate with Issues of Concern put 
forward by Citizens and the Private Sector.  Local, State, Territory 
and National Issue of concern must reach “one-third” of the population 
within their boundaries to be eligible for Debate.  All Debates shall 
have Citizens Directly involved within the Issue of Concern or have 
Knowledge of the Issue of Concern.  Citizens within a Debate shall put 
forward Three (3.) Proposed Amendments to the Issue of Concern to be 
Voted upon by the Citizens within the Boundaries of the Debate.   A 
Majority (Two-Thirds) or more in favour of One (1.) Chosen Amendment 
shall become law.  To legally introduce this system within Australia or 
any other country there must be a Political Party, in Australia we the 
“Last Political Party” shall Represent Australian Citizens with the 
Aims of a Federal Election Win, to Structure the Constitution of the 
Individual Majority Vote Self-Government of Australia within all 
Government Departments within (110.) Days and Disband their Political 
Party for the Individual Majority Vote Self-Government to take effect.  
 The Political Party shall have no Authority to Make or Change Laws 
Within the “One Hundred and Ten (110.) Days,” This is within the 
constitution of the Individual Majority Vote Self-Government of 
Australia. The “Last Political Party” or any Other Political Parties 
Implementing this the Individual Majority Vote Self-Government within a 
County Shall have their Lives at Risk. This system is user friendly 
from the comfort of your home, no excuses. This Individual Majority 
Vote Self-Government shall need the backing of most organizations and 
Citizens if it is to be implemented so Basically it's in your Hands, 
SHEEP.”  We Truly would like you to take the time to View and Reply to 
this Constitution of the Individual Majority Vote Self-Government, if 
not for yourself for the future of all living things, for time is not 
on our side anymore. This Individual Majority Vote Self-Government will 
only be implemented by way of word of the mouth, web pages or 
independent citizens, papers and radio.  The basic Individual Majority 
Vote Self-Government constitution is on the Internet, under Majority 
Vote System or  1998-2006 Copyright  ©  


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