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In My Dreams (standard:romance, 294 words)
Author: Cheryl AnnAdded: Sep 20 2006Views/Reads: 1938/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is actually a Poem maybe, but I'm not sure about Poems, mine are actually little stories, so I list them here. This is a little story of what a Romance can or Cannot be and the joy or sorrow each person can bear without your knowing it. you be the

Poetry, so if you don't like story poems, I guess you won't like this
one, But maybe you WiLL!!!! 


In my dreams our hearts are entwined 

As we walk together hand in hand 

Our shadows meld together as one as the clouds above pass under the
light of the moon. 

We turn to each other No words exchanged 

Our Lips meet and our breath unites 

Full of Glorious anticipation we seek each others eyes, our reflection
of each other is full of hope and promise 

This passion we have for each other is more than I hoped for 

I have been alone so long and to you; I give my body, and my trust 

Holding each other in the sweet afterglow that only comes from a true
connection of mind and body that a man and woman can share 

We whisper in the night as lovers do, my heart is full of hope once more

All too soon we must part 

You left me that night with the promise that we would soon be together

You smiled so sweetly 

With a LIE on your lips as you kissed me once again. 

You betrayed my trust when you never returned, not even to see if love
might live 

To see if the flame once lit would still be there or if the remaining
embers would flare again. 

I remember the CHANCE I took when I gave myself to you 

Only I'M to Blame for the Pain I now bear 

As the Crack in my soul grows wider with each day 

So Now I go on with my daily life 

At night I sleep to dream again 

And in MY dreams our hearts are entwined 

As we walk together Hand in Hand 


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