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MESSY MILTON WANTS A DOG (Word Count 490) (standard:adventure, 489 words)
Author: Rosie JayAdded: Oct 12 2006Views/Reads: 1923/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Milton sets out to prove he is responsible enough to own a dog. A cute bedtime story for little ones.



Rosie Jay 

On Sunday, Milton sat in his very messy bedroom wondering what to do. 
While he wondered he twiddled his thumbs.  He counted dust bunnies 
under his bed.  What he truly wanted was a dog.  But every time he 
asked, he always got the same answer. 

“Not yet,” Dad said. 

“In time,” Mom said. 

But give up?  Not Milton! 

At that very moment Mom brought clean sheets to his room.  “A dog around
here would be such fun,” he hinted again.  “It would keep burglars away 
and fetch Dad’s slippers, too.” 

“Yes indeed,” Mom answered.  “But dogs need love and attention.  Are you
up to the responsibility?” 

“I am!  I am!” Milton said. 

Mom looked around his messy room.  “Well, maybe you’ll have to show me.”
she replied.  As she left, she almost tripped over his baseball mitt, 
his model airplane, and his awful-looking sneakers on the floor. 

Milton thought and thought. Finally, he knew what he had to do.  “Every
day after school I’ll be as responsible as anybody!” he decided—and he 
set out to prove it all week long. 

On Monday he tidied up his room. 

On Tuesday he swept the floor and dried the dishes. 

On Wednesday he took the trash out—without grumbling. 

On Thursday he helped Mom carry in the groceries. 

On Friday he raked all the leaves in the front yard. 

On Saturday he helped Dad in the garage, separating all the papers,
plastic bottles and tin cans. 

On Sunday he wondered if Mom and Dad had noticed.  Sure enough they had.

“That’s our boy,” Dad proudly declared. 

“Our wonderful boy,” gushed Mom. 

But still, no dog. 

Was Milton discouraged?  Not one bit.  Everything he did all week he
would do again.  But it wasn’t so easy this time. 

On Monday he started tuba lessons—after school. 

On Tuesday he had a cub scout meeting—after school. 

Wednesday he had a dental appointment—after school. 

On Thursday he had choir practice for the Christmas play—after school

Friday was the only day he could call his own—but Mom soon fixed that.
“Milton, don’t forget Penelope Beaner’s birthday party at six o’clock,” 
she reminded.  “Your clean clothes are set out on your bed.” 

What a week.  Milton felt mighty low that night as he lay under his
covers.  He had done all he could for two whole weeks—and again, no 

On Saturday though, he still smiled at breakfast.  He tidied up the
kitchen too. It was all so easy—and habit now. 

In time, Mom’s voice sang up from the kitchen.  “Milton, come
downstairs, please.” 

“And right away,” chimed in Dad. 

Milton trudged slowly down the stairs.  Hey, was that a bark he heard? 

There in the kitchen was a tiny playful puppy.  Its ears wiggled as it
scampered across the floor. 

“For me?” Milton exclaimed with delight. 

“For our wonderful boy,” Dad proudly declared. 

“Our wonderful, responsible boy,” gushed Mom. 


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