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FOR THE LOVE OF PEEWEE (Word Count 1159) (standard:adventure, 1161 words)
Author: Rosie JayAdded: Oct 13 2006Views/Reads: 1865/1159Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
While at the family vacation cottage, young Michael yearns to keep a lovable stray dog, owning it eventually only to lose it suddenly to its rightful owner. A "boy and his dog" story with a joyful ending.


By Rosie Jay 

“But why can’t he come in?” Michael persisted, watching the small shaggy
dog behind the screen door. 

“Because he’s probably just lost and belongs to somebody,” answered his
big sister, Joanie. 

“I don’t think he belongs to anybody.  It’s been two days now and
nobody’s come looking for him.” 

Joanie sighed.  “Michael, how can we have a dog?  Mom and Dad both work,
and you and I are in school all day?  Who would take care of him?  
Besides, if you keep it up you’ll be twice as unhappy when we leave 

How true.  He had always been unhappy to leave the cottage when it was
time to leave.  But he wanted that shaggy dog so much, he had 
completely forgotten there was only one day left of vacation. 

Michael tried one more time when Mom and Dad returned from town.  “Can
we keep him, please?” 

“You must understand, Michael,” Mom replied.  “All of us are gone—all
day.  Maybe, in about a year, when I quit work, things will be 

But Michael persisted.  “But don’t other families work with kids in
school?  I have lots of friends whose parents work—and they all have 

“Perhaps,” Mom replied.  “That is something to think about, isn’t it? 
But not today.” 

It was no use at all.  Michael pushed the door open.  “C’mon, Peewee,”
he said.  As he trudged out, the little dog followed at his heels, 
while Dad observed. “I think we have a problem,” he said, 
matter-of-factly.  “He’s just given the dog a name.” 

It seemed about twenty minutes later that Mom and Dad came out to the
car.  “We’re going back to town, Michael, and won’t be long,” Dad said. 
“Joanie’s in the cottage, so stay close by.” 

For a moment Michael wondered.  Why they were going back to town? 
Hadn’t they already been there once today?  Still, the day was his to 
make the most of his time left with Peewee.  Inseparable, the two of 
them romped all around the cottage grounds.  Michael even stood 
proudly, proclaiming ownership when other cottage vacationers patted 
Peewee’s head. 

One hour later, Mom and Dad returned, waving Michael back to the
cottage.  Dad was standing very tall, in his 
I-have-something-important-to-say pose. 

“We all know how much you love...uh...Peewee,” Dad began, “so, we
checked with the local pound.  Since nobody’s claimed him we’ll give it 
a try, Michael.  But, you must be responsible for most of his care.  
Can you promise me that?” 

Bursting with joy, Michael promised.  “Oh, I will—and thank you
everybody!  This is the happiest last day of my vacation!” 

Mom and Dad had bought a new collar and leash in town.  That evening,
Peewee got a bath in the lake.  When bedtime came, he slept at the foot 
of Michael’s bed. 

The next morning as they started for home, Dad made his usual stop at
the gas pump at the end of the lake.  Holding Peewee on the brand new 
leash, Michael watched as Dad filled the tank.  Suddenly, Peewee 
started to yelp and jump about, just as a kind voice rose up behind 
Michael’s shoulders. 

“You naughty boy!  I’ve been looking for you for three days now!” 

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