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THE MAGICAL RED SHOES (Word Count 789) (standard:adventure, 788 words)
Author: Rosie JayAdded: Oct 14 2006Views/Reads: 2305/1237Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Emily makes a wish for the beautiful red shoes she has seen at Bexler's Shoe Store. When they mysteriously show up in her closet, did her wish come true? Another bedtime story from Rosie.


Emily woke up on Saturday and remembered that it was buy-new-shoes day. 
She pulled the covers over her head.  They would be another pair of 
plain old brown shoes with lace-up shoestrings. 

Emily longed for a prettier pair, but Mama always said the same thing. 
“We can only buy one pair, Em—a sensible pair for active growing feet.” 

That afternoon, Bexler’s Shoe Store was very busy.  Many customers were
waiting their turn for help.  While waiting, Emily spotted a pair of 
bright red shoes displayed at the end of the cash counter.  They were 
the most beautiful shoes she had ever seen!  A satiny red bow was 
attached to each fastening strap. 

“Oh, what beautiful shoes!” she exclaimed.  “May I try them on?” 

Mama replied kindly.  “I’m afraid not, sweetie.  You’ll need something
sturdier for everyday wear.” 

So, when Emily’s turn came, Mr. Bexler brought out another pair of those
plain old brown shoes with lace-up shoestrings—like the time before and 
the time before that.  They were sturdy indeed, with just enough room 
in the toe part for growth.  “We’ll take them,” Mama decided.  Then, 
noticing the crowd at the cash counter, she said, “But we’ll just sit 
here while you ring up the sale.” 

Mr. Bexler moved quickly, but it still took a long while.  Emily gazed
at the beautiful red shoes at the counter until more customers blocked 
her view.  All the way home they were all she thought about. 

Sighing, she took the box of plain shoes to her bedroom.  She held it
tightly and closed her eyes.  She could see the red shoes so clearly!  
“I truly wish they were in this box,” she whispered with all her heart. 
Then, while placing the box in the closet, the lid toppled off. 

“Ooh,” she cried out.  As if by magic, the red shoes appeared. She
couldn’t believe her eyes! 

Remembering her just-made wish, Emily slipped them on, carefully
fastening the satiny-bow straps.  A perfect fit!  Gleefully, she danced 
like a princess around the room--until Mama called from the kitchen. 

Would Mama believe it?  She could hardly believe it herself. 

Ever so slowly, she tiptoed to the kitchen, being extra careful not to
scuff them.  She told Mama every detail of her wish-come-true story.  
“And here they are!” she squealed with delight! 

Mama had listened quietly.  Then she replied softly, “Now that would be
wonderful, wouldn’t it?  But, you see, Mr. Bexler was very busy today 
and he obviously made a mistake.”  Then, regretfully, she added, “I’ll 
have to return them on Monday.” 

How very disappointing!  But Emily knew there was no changing Mama’s
mind.  “I guess you’re right,” she sadly agreed.  But, oh, how she 
loved the whole wish-idea. 

When Monday came, now Emily had no new shoes at all.  She’d have to wear
her old plain ones to school for one more day.  But they felt snug—even 
snugger than the last time she wore them.  When the final school bell 
rang her toes felt so pinched, the red shoes were totally forgotten.  
She could hardly wait for her new plain shoes—with all that toe room.  
“I’ll sure be glad to be wearing them tomorrow,” she admitted to 
herself, limping home. 

Mama was waiting at the door.  “Looks like your new shoes are here just
in time,” she noted, pulling them from the bag. 

“I never thought I’d be happy to see these,” Emily groaned.  “My toes
hurt all day.” 

Mama just smiled, reaching again into the bag.  “And here are the red
shoes!” she cheerfully announced. 

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