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A Family Secret (Parts Six, Seven, and Eight) (standard:Editorials, 4082 words) [2/3] show all parts
Author: Kenneth NashAdded: Oct 18 2006Views/Reads: 1645/1246Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A story of how a family secret infuenced a young woman's decisions

(Part Six) 

“Doctor Barnett's office,” said the pleasant voice at the number she had
called. “This is Adrienne Nicholson. I need to make an appointment to 
see Dr. Barnett. I was a patient of his at the hospital.”  “Please hold 
while I check his appointment book, Ms. Nicholson,” the receptionist 
replied. She spoke with the doctor on his intercom. “Doctor, there is a 
Ms. Adrienne Nicholson on the phone... she needs to make an 
appointment.  I have two open now, 11:00 and 2:00 tomorrow... which 
would you prefer?” Without hesitation Michael Barnett said, “Please ask 
her if she can make the earlier one.” 

During his morning run Michael thought about seeing her again. It had
been three days now. He found himself looking forward to the 
appointment this morning. 

“Well, Ms. Nicholson, it seems that you are recovering well from your
injuries. There is no swelling in your arm, the cast is okay, and it 
doesn't appear there is any permanent damage from the concussion,” 
stated the doctor after the examination. “Now, do you have any 
questions for me?” “Why is such a handsome man still unmarried?” she 
wanted to ask.  Instead, she said, “Dr. Barnett there is still an hour 
or so before the fall that I cannot recall, is that normal?” The doctor 
looked at her and said, “I have the same problem on occasion.  If it 
were not for my receptionist, Ms Worthington, out there in the front 
office I would forget what day of the week it was! He was smiling, and 
his eyes twinkled as he spoke. Then he said, “Seriously, that is to be 
expected after a head injury.   I am not worried about it; I think your 
memory of the events will return in time.” Adrienne thought, “I like 
his sense of humor... I haven't seen that side of him before!” She 
smiled and thanked him as he told her to make an appointment with Ms 
Worthington to get the cast removed in a few weeks. 

Adrienne returned to work the next week. She still had the cast but her
secretary helped her with any typing that had to be done. She 
considered just staying away from the office until the cast was 
removed, but she couldn't do much around the ranch, either, so she 
decided to go back to work. 

She would often find her self day dreaming. “I wonder if he is in a
relationship...what does he do when he is not seeing 
patients....Adrienne! You have to stop these thoughts... it's  so 
unlike you... you're a grown, professional woman... not a silly 

Adrienne awoke from the dream, damp from sweat, shaking... it was like
the others she had experienced.  She could see the little girl running 
across the meadow, her dark hair flowing in the breeze, little arms 
outstretched... just as she reached out for the child, the young girl 
fell into the tall grass... and she was gone! 

She had never told anyone about the recurring dream. It was still a part
of the family secret. 

Adrienne kept the appointment with the doctor. He removed the cast, and
gave her another appointment six months later. She was well on her way 
to recovery now. As she started to leave his office, Michael Barnett 
made the decision to follow through on an idea that had vacillated in 
his mind for weeks.  He shuffled from one foot to the other, and 
finally blurted out, “Miss Nicholson, would you have dinner with me 
some evening?” “Now I will understand if you are too busy... or seeing 
some else... or.....” “Why I do believe he is a 
teenager asking for a first date.” mused Adrienne. “Yes, I would like 
that very much... but maybe you should call me Adrienne instead of Miss 
Nicholson, Doctor Barnett.” They both smiled as he replied, “Okay if 
you will make it Michael instead of doctor!” 

The wedding was something that was like a dream come true for Adrienne.
In the six months of their engagement she had met most of his friends, 
and he had become acquainted with the few close friends she had. 
Adrienne had to admit she loved this handsome, honest, caring man, even 
if he couldn't ride a horse very well. 

After Michael proposed to her, she began to experience the familiar
dread, and fear, that she felt when she returned to Charlottesville.  

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