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Express Yourself (standard:Inspirational stories, 435 words)
Author: PDBrownAdded: Oct 21 2006Views/Reads: 1969/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Dreams and schemes

Before I begin I already have two stories written on this site; they are
as follows: Heavenly Love and The Hidden Land. I am that author. 

The only thing that has changed is of-course my e-mail address. Please
feel free to electronically write me. On my marriage licence it reads 
that I'm a internet writer so I thought I had better get back to it. I 
had been for some time only writing erotic stories, these I wrote on but now I can't seem to enter the site. Don't worry 
though for you will probably be able to. Anyway happy reading! 

I had started to write a horror story based around a chip shop where the
owners chopped up dead bodies and made burgers. These burgers were 
becoming popular within the community. But this story was not to be 
found anywhere in my files, so I could not complete that story. 

Things that had interested me was Arthurian legend. My crazy mother
thought she was Morgan le Fay and believed I was the living creation of 
Mordred. This belief had me writing about those good old days. I was 
certain that Mordred (myself) was walking the streets of Cornwall and 
that Lancelot was in the woods, lost and bewildered. Merlin was 
everywhere, but could not be seen. This fable thinking went on for some 
years but like most things in my life, never materialised. 

I then left Penzance and moved to a small mining town called Redruth, it
was here were the craze died and my belief was now focusing around 
finding myself. As you shall read in the story Heavenly Love, I met 
Frances, my wife through prayer. It didn't evolve immediately but I 
knew life had other things in store for me. Over a period of time, the 
past was becoming exactly that, a thing of the past and there was a new 
chapter on the horizon. 

By the end of 2001, I was happy being with Frances and both of us were
starting again in one way or another. I have now been writing for 
nearly 30 years on and off. I began to write about how awful my life 
had been and about my imaginary friend. He use to stroll through glens, 
with his two red setters, but that's another story. Maybe one I can 
write about at a later date! 

Well this is a little about me, I have no idea what point I am trying to
make but as things go I shall leave you with a thought. 

“Never let go of your dreams, they might come true!” 


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