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It All "Depends" (standard:mystery, 2280 words)
Author: LisaAnnAdded: Feb 16 2001Views/Reads: 2476/1360Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This story is about an older woman who is living on her own after her husband passed away. She moves to a different city and meets two young people, who lead her on a mysterious adventure.

It All Depends 

My name is Betty Knot.  I am recently widowed, and have just moved to a
nice neighborhood in sunny Florida.  My husband and I have lived in a 
lot of places over our marriage of 30 years!  We've met a lot of 
neighbors too.  Nice people, and not so nice people. 

I remember when we moved to Boston, Massachusetts just for a change of
scenery.  Whew!  Never again let me tell you!  Those were some people 
we met there.  Partying all the time, very loud and noisy.  Plus all 
that traffic in the city.  But now I'm just rambling on and getting off 
the subject. 

So this is what happened.  I'm sitting in my new apartment, at 16509
Sunny Path Lane and my doorbell rings.  It was my next-door neighbor.  
She was holding a pie. 

"Hi, I'm Sue from next door." 

"Why hello Sue, I'm Mrs. Knot."  I say. 

"I brought over this apple pie I've just baked to welcome you to the
building."  Sue said as she handed me the pie. 

I accepted and invited her in. 

"Oh no, I have to go, but I'll take a rain check." She says rushing out
the door.  "Talk to you soon." 

"Bye."  I yell as she's already over my threshold and shutting her door.

Sue seems nice enough, I thought, but there was something about her I
couldn't help feeling strange about.  You know how old ladies can be! 

Later that day, my daughter calls me from West Virginia, where she lives
with her husband whom she met while going to college there.  They have 
three beautiful children.  My beautiful grandchildren. 

"Hi Mom, how are you?"  Crystal says cheerfully. 

"Very well, just getting a few more things in place here." 

"So, you still haven't changed your mind, huh?" 

"Dear, I am not going to be a burden to you and David and the kids. 
It's not like I can't cook.  And I don't even have to wear Depends 
Diapers yet.  But when I do, I'll let you know, and I'll come out to 
live with you guys, okay?"  I always try and make my daughter laugh so 
she won't worry about me.  Of course, she still does anyway. 

"Oh mom, you can be so difficult sometimes," she says laughing.  Then
her voice turned solemn.  "You know, since Dad died, I just worry about 
you that's all," Crystal says sadly. 

"I'm fine, really."  I told her.  But she sounded like she called to
tell me other things too.  "Is there something else you wanted to say?" 

"Actually, yes there was!"  How do you do that?  Crystal asked. 

I just smiled and said, "Go on, my dear." 

"Well, you are the first to know.  David and I are going to have another
baby!"  She blurted. 

OH, I was so excited for them.  "That's great honey.  Congratulations!" 

"Now will you come out for at least a visit?"  Crystal asked slyly. 

"Of course I'll visit."  I say still smiling. 

"Okay good.  I'll talk to you later mom, the kids just came home from
school, and Julie has gymnastics.  Bye, mom.  I love you."  She said. 

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