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A Real Life Romance Continued (standard:romance, 3731 words)
Author: ladydyAdded: Nov 03 2006Views/Reads: 2069/1375Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Here is some more about Bella and Gregg. Please let me know what you think. Let me know if you would like to hear more of their story.

Ok, a little catch up for those of you who might not remember.  I am
Bella.  I am the clumsiest, double digit cloths wearing single mom of 
the eleven year old “princess”.  I have my two best friends, Lisa, the 
stay at home mom with the perfect husband, I know, I know, you hate 
her, but she really is the sweetest person I know.  Then there is 
Angel.  She is the in your face, independent woman that speaks her mind 
and does not care who she offends.  Lisa makes me better and Angel 
keeps me sane.  We live in the tiny town of Oxford, Alabama.  I am a 
secretary for one of the departments on a government installation. 

Then there is Greg Brown.  The “prince” who also happens to be my
daughter's English teacher.  He is very tall, fit, has light brown hair 
and the bluest eyes I have ever seen.  Our fist encounter happened at 
the mall, on a Friday night, when I fell and my face landed on the top 
of his shoe.  I know what your thinking—nothing can top that.  Well of 
course I did with our second meeting, when I backed into him in the 
grocery store and shoved the chocolate shake he was drinking into his 
face.  That is also when I found out he is the “princess's” English 
teacher.  So here I am, standing in the middle of an isle in the 
grocery store, chocolate milkshake running down my back, staring in 
disbelief at Greg, who has chocolate shake all down the front of him, 
because he has just asked to see me again.  I am wondering number one, 
why would this gorgeous man want to see me again, two what would the 
“princess” think, and three, could we both actually survive another 

Well of course I am just standing there with my mouth hanging open when
the “princess” is like, “Mom I think Mr. Brown would like an answer, 
just shake you head yes or no”.  When I shake my head yes, the princess 
takes over again, “Mr. Brown, you will have to excuse my mom, she does 
not think to well after one of her ‘little accidents'”.  Then she 
proceeds to give him our home phone number and tells him he might want 
to call me later, then maybe I will be able to speak again.  Mr. 
Brow---Greg takes the number and puts it in his pocket.  He is grinning 
from ear to ear, I am sure this is because I look like a complete 
idiot, standing there, brown liquid all down my back, my mouth hanging 
open, not able to speak.  He waves as he is leaving and says, “I will 
call you soon Bella”.  I manage to get out, “ok, that would be good”.  
The princess puts her arm through mine and leads me back to our buggy.  
Have I mentioned how perfect my little “princess” is?  I really think 
she needs a new video game for this! 

We finally get our groceries paid for and leave, which I am sure is a
relief to the manager.  While we are driving home, the “princess” 
starts to giggle.  I ask her what is so funny and she looks at me like 
I am crazy.  “Come on mom, are you really that lame?  You can't tell me 
that you don't think this is all funny.  Just wait until I tell my 
friends that my mom is all googily eyed over Mr. Brown.”  I ask her if 
that bothers her and she gives me another one of those mother please 
eye rolls and says, “Mom, I am not a baby, I think it's cool.  Just 
make sure you laugh at his jokes.  He likes to think he's funny.”  I 
explain that it might be weird for me to go out with one of her 
teachers, and she reminds me that he will not be her teacher much 
longer.  There are only two weeks left in school.  Now I know what 
you're thinking.  How could a responsible parent not know her child's 
teachers?  Well it just happens that Greg has just recently become the 
“princess's” teacher since her original English teacher left to have 
her baby. 

The first thing I do after we get the groceries put away is grab the
phone.  I call Lisa and tell her to hang on while I get Angel on three 
way.  To make matters worse, I had to get the “princess” to tell me how 
to do this since I have never used it before.  When I get them both on 
the phone, I tell them what happened.  After they both finish laughing 
about the collision, I finally got to get out that he got my phone 
number.  Boy that shut them up.  I know they were probably standing 
there staring at their phones in disbelief with their mouths hanging 
open.  I am like, “I know, it left me speechless also.  What would that 
gorgeous man want my number for?  Angel said, “Well maybe he has always 
wanted to be a stunt man, you know live the life of danger---date 
Bella.”  Lisa says, “Don't you listen to her.  Why would he not want to 
see you again?  You are a beautiful, kind, wonderful person.” 

“I am a double digit woman with plain brown hair and green eyes who is
just an accident waiting to happ---Lisa breaks in with “IzzaBella 

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