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Heart Felt (standard:romance, 523 words)
Author: Steve CraineAdded: Nov 17 2006Views/Reads: 2463/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A sweet love comes into your life, so exquisit. The Chemistry and the blending of your soul's into a love. Then lifes obstructions comes into play.

The evening was beautiful as I drove to her house with the expectation
of our first date. Talking on her cell phone the feelings of excitement 
was apparent to both of us as she guides this man to their awaited 
first encounter. 

Both have loved and lost in the adventure of a lasting romance, Still
searching for the one to complete there life with the trust and 
companionship only a true God sent mate could ever bring. The 
stimulation of there encounter prominent, yet a reserve in the back of 
their minds of high expectations developing into a minor  encounter of 
two life's passing in this existence. 

Exiting the car and walking to the door she appears in her doorway, with
a stunning exquisiteness that stops you cold! Wow! She is beautiful, 
but what will she be like? As you approach with the token gift you 
brought with you, your mesmerized by her eyes and the calmness of 
disposition. The chemistry of two lonely hearts is radiantly clear as 
they fall into an embrace of pure stimulation. Oh and the kiss that 
could not be stopped, the pure pleasure of  soft tantalizing lips and 
feeling of the world disappearing at that moment. 

A meeting fashioned in the Stars would be the only explanation that a
person of this existence could explain. Nurturing this relationship 
with deep talks of our past flowing enthusiasm of learning each other 
and a glowing intensification of  warmth as our hearts come together. 
Is this the one? Could it really be true? 

Long talks of now and the future brings  outlooks of how to handle this
relationship. Do we want it to last? We know there would be obstacles 
to over come, yet we have feeling they can be handled with little 
effort. Cultivating this into something that lasts a life time is the 
desired goal of both. On first appearance we do, Yes the phone calls 
and the trips to nourish expanding love is what both want. 

Life can be overwhelming at times getting in the way of feelings and
desires. Distance pulls feelings of the heart to opinion of desolate 
isolation and loneliness. Other special people in our life seem to pull 
us in directions away from our wishes. Adding to more turmoil and 
suspicion of feelings. Can this be overcome? Hummmmm that's the 
obstruction of the minds is it not? Where those feeling really true? 
Even when the awaking realizations of what we are losing ,do we work to 
cure this or for justifications on why we let this relationship pass 
into  oblivion? Saying I would love to stay your friend, yet knowing 
that we part to go in directions we are sure our paths won't cross 
insuring our pains from the loss is held to a tolerable limit. 

So two lonely souls starts a walk of despair on divided paths, yet in
there heart felt feelings they know the beauty of the time together 
will never leave them. Always wondering what if I would of done more to 
show my desires and give that person the security of the lasting 
knowledge of a true love.


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