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Taylor's Great Guide to Life (standard:Creative non-fiction, 2913 words)
Author: Nathan Scot TaylorAdded: Nov 22 2006Views/Reads: 2152/1482Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
What I would tell someone who was just starting to look for their one.

Hey everyone. My friend Dave recently had a baby, whom he named Emily.
This got me started on thinking on what I would want to tell any 
daughters I might have in the future, so I started trying to think of 
what it was important to tell someone I cared about, who was just 
starting to date. So what originally started as something called 
"Emily's List", ended up being thrown in with other things I had 
figured out, and pieces of both science and philosophy which I had 
picked up in my relatively short stint on this world. So without 
further ado: 


ERAM QUOD ES, ERIS QUOD SUM . . . (I was what you are, you will be what
I am.)  {found on an ancient roman tomb stone} 

EST DEUS IN NOBIS . . . (The god is inside us) 

SAPRE AUDE . . . (Dare to Know) 

1)  Women mature faster then boys, but only physically.  Older boys feed
the 'mature faster' line to younger girls for two reasons.  One, they 
know older boyfriends are status symbols for younger girls; and two, 
they know younger girls are more malleable - so they can probably get 
them to do what they want.  It is not a sign of social status to be 
dating a 25 year old when you are 17, it means you are gullible and 
naive, and he's being contemptous of you as a person.  It probably also 
means he doesn't think he's good enough to be with an adult. 

2)  Boy's lie, men don't . . . (well, not as often).  Boys just want you
to not be mad at them, (at least right now).  They tend to think in the 
short term, and always like to live in the moment.  They can be a lot 
of fun.  You just don't want to rely on them.  Men know that eventually 
- what they do and the type of person they are is going to catch up to 
them.  It might not be today, it might not be tomorrow, but its still 
going to be out there.  They also know its better to have a small fight 
today, then a big fight tomorrow.  Or a huge fight next week.  Or a 
divorce in a year. 

3)  You should know who you want to be, before you go looking for who
you want to be with.  The only constant you will find in this world, is 
that it is always changing.  In a thousand ways, in a thousand 
different forms, tomorrow will be different then today.  And so will 
you.  You will grow, you will learn.  What seems to be life altering 
important to you today will be less important to you tomorrow, and may 
not mean anything in two years.  Keep this in mind.  You should find 
someone who respects you, and whom you respect.  They should also help 
you become the type of person you want to be, and you should be able to 
help them become who they want to be.  If this isn't the case, why are 
you with this person - and why are they with you? 

4)  There is a difference in knowing something in your mind, and in your
heart and soul.  Intellectually, understanding something is very easy.  
Its just a question of looking at the information, looking at what you 
do and don't know, and trying to make a wise decision.  But the heart 
and the soul are different things then the mind.  The heart will hold 
onto things, and never accept things, that the mind can easily 
understand.  That girl your mind is telling you to be with, because 
she's so kind to you, but your heart doesn't have feelings for.  And 
you don't control your feelings, only your actions.  To me, this is 
part of what makes real love so special.  The odds of really falling 
for someone, and having them really fall for you.  These are shots in 
the dark, and they don't happen that often.  But you find someone who 
makes you feel happy about being you.  Who makes it easy for you to get 
up in the morning, just so you can see them.  Who makes the hard things 
easy, just because you know you can be with them later.  Who gives you 
faith in humanity, because they are a part of it.  This is love, near 
as I can tell.  Its like they are a part of you, you didn't even know 
you had until you met them.  The heart recognizes and thinks in this 
language.  It can also hate in this language as well.  The heart takes 
longer to heal, and to learn.  But its only when you know something in 
your heart that you truely believe it.  Love makes you learn with your 
heart, not your mind. 

5)  You will make mistakes.  You are only human.  It would be wonderful
if you could have a perfect life, never do things you later regretted, 

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