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JigSaw (standard:mystery, 380 words) [1/2] show all parts
Author: JigSawUpdated: Jan 18 2007Views/Reads: 2566/0Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
After Ashley Simmons' Husband left her she began to abuse her son Jeff and he goes mad in a shed and reeks havok on those who mocked him (a diffrent style than the airplane i think alot of people will like it)

J I G S A W 


"Damn you Cam, I can't belive you took the night off and went and got
yourself drunk and then DROVE home with Jeff alone and think it is 
okay" Ashley Simmons said to Cam one night. 

"I told you freak, I aint no were to being drunk", he said stumbleing to
their room and puked all over the bed. 

"Is Daddy okay", Questioned Jeff. He was only two, I can't belive that
he had to see this crap, but all well. 

He got drunk four more times that week and almost the same exact words
were said and the same exact things were done. Each time that Cam got 
drunk Ashley kept getting more and more pure rage bult up inside of her 
and although she didn't know it, she had a mental disorder, she would 
build up on anger all the way threw life and at the end when someone 
would even look at her wrong would go into a fury and become a evil 
sort of person and when she expresses all of her anger she would go 
back to normal and see all the things that she had done. 

Now of course she was at the breaking point and whoop-dee-doo Cam got
drunk and well.... 

"Oh my God! Get out of this house right now Jeff!", It is 9 years later
and Cam got kicked out and she turned on Jeff and now he gets it. 

"But mom! All I did was ask you what happend to my father, he is my own
father and I don't even know his name. I hate you Ashley", he yelled. 

A real awful look creeped over Ashley's face and she got a knife. 


She walked up to him. 

"Mom, No". 

She had cut his arm it seered with pain as he fell crying in pain. She
gave him a good kick in the ribs and took him to the emergency room. 

"Oh no! What happened to him", The nurse said. 

"My babysitter had done this to him after I told her I was fireing her
after this shift for trying to kidnap him before", she lied. 

I put it under mystery because that it gets better in the next chapter
couple chapters.


This is part 1 of a total of 2 parts.
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