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let them eat cake! (standard:other, 409 words)
Author: kathygAdded: Jan 05 2007Views/Reads: 1864/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
be strong, keep walking and just push the plate away when well meaning friends push cake your way!

"Have some cake!" 

"No, thanks. I don't eat much cake lately.", I wave my hand as she tries
to force her homemade cake on me. She gives me a look like I hurt her 

"I spent hours making that cake. Can't you just try it?", she pleads
with me, once again, giving me that martyr look. She puts the plate 
right in front of me, gets out a fork from the drawer, and sighs. 

"I said, no thanks. You going deaf? Nothing personal. I just prefer not
to eat cake. Go ahead, you have some.", I reply, calmly pushing the 
plate away. 

"Okay, have it  your way.", she snaps the plate away and throws the cake
in the garbage. I hear a door slam as I leave the room. 

"Oh, great drama, there!", I say loud enough for her to hear. 

I get my coat and hat to leave shaking my head and wondering why all
this fuss over a piece of cake. 

The breeze from outside brings relief to my soul. The thoughts that
cross my mind are escape from cakeland. I cut across her lawn and keep 
walking across the street, past the ice cream shop, McDonald's, and the 
liquor store. All places where calories prey on my hips. I walk every 
single day and  my goal in mind. 

No french fry, cake or bottle of Bailey's Irish Creme is going to stick
to my sweet behind!! 

I rush past the vices of fat and defy the aroma to tempt me inside!! 

"This too shall pass! I will fit into that outfit yet!" 

Dunkin' Donuts is right coming up! I better look away quick! 

Breathe! Keep walking! "Who left this donut in my path?" 

I kick it across the intersection and it barely misses a truck and it
lands between two trees. 

"Touchdown!", I raise my arms in the air, feeling victorious over the
glazed donut. 

The truckdriver shakes his head. 

"Hey, lady, is it okay if I eat that donut?" 

He parks his truck, gets out and stuffs the dirty donut in his mouth. 

"Sweet!", he gives me the thumbs up as he stuffs the dirty donut in his

"Now, I have seen everything!", I shout. 

The truck driver pats his belly and smiles. 

What is it about sweet food that makes people do nuts? 

A million reasons  to eat cake and only one reason not to. 

What's that reason again? 

I can't remember! 


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