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The Boob Job (standard:romance, 564 words)
Author: Jon MontegoAdded: Jan 11 2007Views/Reads: 2601/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A girl gets a boob job to get even with her attention- seeking friend in school. Nobody in school is expecting what happens after

Mariah was an unpopular mexican girl in my highschool during the mid
90's. She was unpopular mainly because she lacked one thing; money. In 
a public school system of Pueblo Colorado, where the mexicans and 
whites were constantly at war with one another, Mariah was simply 
trying to get through life. I would have never known about Mariah, had 
it not been for a girl I was dating at the time named Jamie. Jamie was 
a young caucaisan drug abuser who had sex with guys primarily for the 
security she needed when going to school in a place where white girls 
were picked on by the hispanic girls. At the time in Central High, 
mexicans were the majority and whites were the minority. I was white 
and had it not been for my athletic build and stature, got a lot of 
flack from the mexicans as well. It turned out that in our senior year, 
the tension between the two racial groups began to diminish as more 
diversity was introduced to the city. Mariah was shy, but liked 
attention if she got it. So it happened that on the bus one day she was 
double-dared by Jamie to stand up in the bus and flash her boobs to 
everyone. Suprisingly she took the dare and did it. A whooping uproar 
unsued afterward, applause from the boys and snears from the girls. 
After that episode, Mariah became the talk of the school. She became an 
easy target for rough jocks wanting to frisk her every now and then. 
The more she flirted with her growing reputation for being easy, the 
less she had difficulty fitting in. She began showing up at football 
games and flashing the boys on the field in the middle of plays. The 
fans, teams, and coaches would cease all at once as she would fly 
across the field holding her shirt up and letting her breasts fly. 
There was one thing that kept Mariah out of detention and from getting 
expelled; her breasts were nearly a double "D"  in size. Jamie had 
always been an attention whore and told me one day that she was 
secretly  planning to get breast implants by sleeping with an older man 
who could pay to get it done. It wasn't long after that, that we broke 
up and stopped talking. I began dating another girl soon after that and 
forgot about the plan Jamie had told me about. Until one day, when 
Jamie showed up after missing a week of school for chicken pocks 
supposedly. I remember she was wearing a hot pink blouse with the first 
three buttons undone. And underneath her blouse two perky bouncing tits 
sat unashamed on her chest, staring everyone in the hall right in the 
eye. The principle passed her and took a double look, much to the 
amusement of the kids in the hall. Jamie had done it, she had become 
the talk of Central High and probably every teenager in Pueblo. Many of 
her ex-boyfriends, including me, tried calling her more then once, 
begging to get a peek. She loved the attention, but what was more, she 
loved the fact that nobody had seen her boobs and that Mariah's chest 
had become a commoditie. All of that would change though, and very 
suddenly, to the shock of Central High and everyone in Pueblo Colorado. 

to be continued


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