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You're Always Brilliant in the Morning, Smoking Your Cigarette and Talking Over (standard:romance, 262 words)
Author: Freya GriffinAdded: Jan 15 2007Views/Reads: 2177/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The adjustment new couples always have to go through at the beginning of the relationship

Again, we shared a cup of coffee. His cigarette pack was empty, so he
smoked mine, despite the menthol. He reached for my journal and I let 
him browsed the dog-eared leaves. What was he looking for? I was there 
right in front of him. 

He found several old photos of me. 

"You still looked so chubby here," he chuckled at a photo of me and my
best friends circa 2002. 

I watched him, somewhat amazed. I heard he has a thing for chubby girls.

"Why didn't you keep this look?" He pointed at the official passport
photo I made last year. My hair was still long. I looked so pale. It 
was a hectic week, I was deprived of sleep for several days when I took 
that photo. I had to dabbed on concealer to hide the dark circle on my 
eyes. I borrowed the concealer from my house-mate. The photographer was 
kind of cute. I was high and buzzing with caffeine. I didn't stutter 
but I was clearly jumpy and giddy. The photographer was cute. My left 
shoe was broken when I left the studio, I can't go back to change 
shoes, it was just ten, and I had an urgent appointment at 11. I wore 
the broken shoe all day.  I had to return the next day to get the 
printed results from the studio. It was digital. I got a CD instead of 
a negative film for it. I remembered everything about that photo. 

I watched him, amazed. 

The next day I went and cut my hair shorter.


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