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Inverted Cliche (standard:other, 417 words) [1/2] show all parts
Author: ChristinaUpdated: Feb 14 2007Views/Reads: 2290/0Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A story about average teen life. The title comes from how the story is full of daily life's cliches. Though in this story it's not all about the popular kids and jocks and cheerleaders. It's about the "goth" and "emo" kid's cliches.


A boy of average 17 year-old height stepped off a black and red
motorcycle. He pulled off his blood red helmet, revealing his black 
hair that hung in a slant across his bright blue eyes. He strapped the 
helmet to the handlebars of the motorcycle and walked into a rather 
dark looking house. 

The boy stayed in the house for only half an hour before emerging from
the house with a girl about his height. She had very dark brown hair 
that was almost black, it hung down to her shoulder with slightly 
uneven lengths at the bottom, and layered throughout, with bangs 
slanted from the  right side to the left hanging partially over her 
left eye. 

The girl climbed on the motorcycle behind the boy and put her hands
around his waist, feeling the leather of his jacket. He revved up the 
engine as they sped off into the night. 

Chapter One 

"Where are we going?!," yelled Vivica, over the roar of the motorcycle's
engine. "It's a surprise.," Evan replied to her with a smile. Vivica 
gripped her hands a bit tighter around Evan's waist, just enough for 
him to notice slightly. 

They pulled up to a small, dimly lit building, which looked almost like
a house but not quite. "Come on.," Evan said to Vivica, pulling off his 
helmet. As they approached the front door Evan put his hands over 
Vivica's eyes, "I told you, it's a surprise." They walked into the 
small building, inside there was a table with a black lace table cloth 
over it with two tall red candles in the center with a vase of black, 
white, and red roses in it. All surrounded with a few plates of food. 
The whole room was lit by numerous candles throughout the room. In the 
corner there was a very long black couch, about the width of a twin 
sized bed plus some. Dark red drapes were across each window. 

Evan still had his hands over Vivica's eyes. "Are you ready?," he asked
her. "Why wouldn't I be?," she asked somewhat sarcastically. He removed 
his hands from over her eyes. Vivica looked around silently with her 
jaw dropped. She turned to look at Evan, "it's beautiful." He smiled 
and led her over to the table. He pulled her chair out for her and 
filled her wine glass. They sat down and ate their meal, making 
spirited conversation. The couple wound up staying the night on the 
couch in the building. 

Chapter Two


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