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The Assassin (standard:drama, 439 words)
Author: Michael Lance KerstingAdded: Feb 16 2007Views/Reads: 1986/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The assassin had a personal axe to grind.

The Assassin. 

The Assassin emerged from the roof door. He was tall, thin, with flowing
black hair that hung to his shoulders. A hawk nose hung over his thin 
compressed lips, and a pair of the coldest grey eyes searched the 

He was carrying a specially made leather guncase in his bony right hand.

After searching the skies for any helicopters, he walked easily to the
edge of the roof that had a two feet tall blank wall. He stooped down 
and clicked open the case. He looked at his watch. It read 2:25. 
‘Another few minutes to go before the head of state car come into 
view', he figured. 

He was a meticulous man, having gone over the site several times to note
any flaws in the area. All panned out perfectly. 

He heard the sirens in the distance and, tensed. He began assembling the
weapon quickly, expertly. After loading it,he sighted the street below. 
He adjusted the focus and waited. 

The front police car appeared, it's siren blaring. It was followed by
six outriders on motor cycles, three on each side of the limousine. 

The Assassin took in a deep breath. 

Finger on trigger. 

Cheek to stock. 

Eye to scope. 

Crosshair direct on target's head. 

Taking in a deep breath,he said, "this is for my son,you bloody
butcher." He thought of his only son who had died on the battlefield in 
the Middle East. As tears flowed from his eyes 

He squeezed the trigger. 

He saw the vehicle swerved into the crowd . Getting up quickly, he
rdisassembled the weapon then headed back through the roof door . 
Descending a short flight of steps,he walked briskly into a corridor. 
Boarding the elevator, he pressed the ground floor button crossed the 
almost empty lobby and walked across to the parking lot,where he got 
into his car and drove off. 

Later, at his apartment, the assassin sat before the TV and watched a
replay broadcast of the event on the six o.clock news. Suddenly, he 
bolted upright in his seat, and couldn't believe his eyes, 

For there before him, was the Head of State, visibly shaken, emerging
from the police car that rode BEHIND the official visitor's Limousine. 

He couldn't help smiling at the trick, 

"Yes .' he concluded wryly, "Those security dicks are good. The bloody
Devil sure takes care of his own ,but it wouldn't be my last " he swore 

He got up and turn off the TV set. 

He later learned that a dummy took the bullet in the state car and swore
he would be more careful the next time. 

The End 


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