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Remember When (standard:poetry, 221 words)
Author: KameaAdded: Mar 07 2007Views/Reads: 1827/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Short poem about old friends and new ones

Moving up and moving on, growing up and apart, leaving some behind, but
forever in your heart. 

Memories that were made, the laughs that you shared, things to look back
on now, and remember how much you cared. 

Never to look forward to again, the things of the past, sometimes it's a
sad thing, that you can't ever go back. 

The aches of your heart will fade, as new friends replace the old, but
your heart will always remember them, from the memories it holds. 

You see them in the crowed, you maybe smile, maybe wave. Hardly ever
speak but you're both remembering "the days." 

You were kids back then, thought you'd be "best friends forever" that's
how you signed the notes you passed, that's why you were always 

Look back on those times and smile with thanks not regret, remember what
you taught each other, and try never to forget. 

The love you shared with that friend, the promises you made, are the
foundations of who you were to become, and who you are today. 

So smile and wave and say hello, don't let them see you cry, because as
they turn around there are also tears in their eyes. 

Don't let them out of your heart, remember what you learned, friendship
is a gift, never bought, only learned. 


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