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Just another statistic (standard:other, 523 words)
Author: KameaAdded: Mar 07 2007Views/Reads: 1854/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A young girl comes to the realization that her life has not as planned and some things have to change....

She sits alone, wondering how her life came to this....three years ago
she thought she'd be in college by now....away from this god awful town 
and all the hypocrites in it. Instead she'd become just another 
“statistic” as her best friend once jokingly put it, but the joke had 
hit home. Now she sat on the edge of her bed wondering how in the hell 
someone got to this point. For three years she had been the loving, 
passionate, truthful, honest, faithful girlfriend. Three years she had 
put up with his lying, his cheating, his verbal abuse....because why? 
Because she loved him; well, three years and one baby later at the age 
of twenty she found herself just another “statistic.”  Tied down to 
someone whom she had finally grown tired of. Someone she had thought 
she'd love forever....someone who had broken her heart one to many 
times until she finally no longer cared. She thought she couldn't make 
it without him....but he had been in Alabama for two weeks now and she 
realized it wasn't that bad being alone. She gripped a handful of hair 
in each hand and tried to muffle her cries of frustration as she felt 
the breaking point growing closer....or maybe it had already come. 
Standing up she glanced back down at the sleeping figure in the bed, 
and wondered how he would feel if he were here to see this. Give him a 
taste of the hell he had put her through three different times. Except 
this time it would hit a bit closer to home....his home to be their bed. Walking into the living room she plucked the 
almost empty cigarette pack from the couch and lit one up. She had 
tried to make it work, she had pleaded and begged but he had just kept 
hurting her, breaking promise after promise. Hell just a year ago she 
would have jumped at the chance to marry him....the promise of a 
wedding came, but again it was just one of many empty ones. Well she 
happened to really like her friend in the next room and maybe he 
wouldn't be so full of empty promises. She thought she could never be 
with another man....she'd only been with one and she thought at twenty 
years old that was quite an accomplishment, forget the two hand rule 
her friends had, ha, she was still on one, even if it was two fingers 
now. The sound of her cell phone ringing drew her into the kitchen were 
she found it lying on the counter....his number flashed across the 
screen....taking one last drag of her cigarette she stamped it out and 
hit the silent button on her phone. It was time to play by her rules 
now, the young, innocent timid teenager was gone, what stood in it's 
place she didn't quite know, but was perfectly willing to find out if 
it meant a chance at happiness, maybe the person in the next room would 
be that chance.....maybe not....but she was going to find out. Turning 
her phone off and throwing it in a kitchen drawer, she headed for the 


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