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a funny victory (standard:other, 323 words)
Author: kathygAdded: Apr 13 2007Views/Reads: 2054/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
its a funny victory to allow others to steal away your joy of living. take back your life and your passion. dont' let anyone make you feel unworthy of happiness. it's your just as much as breathing....:)

She sits there with all the answers. 

I want to tell her off but the words get stuck in my head. 

Only to arise later in the middle of the night in the form 

of a knotted stomach. 

it could be so easy to be nice and say nice things 

to welcome me into a strange world 

but instead, I am treated like the enemy 

always made to feel like I am wrong, or clumsy or unwelcome 

always made to feel bad 

even when i do great things! 

my great things, words, deeds are ignored 

but their minor lives are blown up and praised. 

in my little world I am made to feel even smaller 

do I allow this to happen? 

why can't i fight back and tell these people off 

why can i win? 

what a funny victory. 

to make someone feel badly 

just to make yourself feel alive or good 

i don't want to know these people who damaged me 

they call me stupid and useless so much i think that is my name 

i am not stupid 

nor useless 

unless i allow them to let me be. 

i take back my identity 

i take back my talent 

i take back my self worth 

and leave nothing for them to damage 

because I am leaving this place 

I call hell 

and going to where the sunshine is 

where people are kind and care about each other 

is that place heaven? 

where is this place? 

I don't know yet, but I will find it 

it is better than where i used to be. 

it is a conscious choice to be 

where I am right now 

and to walk away from darkness 

and all the people that bask in darkness 

and walk toward the light of goodness 

and happiness 

and love 

be strong enough to choose Love 

be happy enough to Love yourself 

Today is the gift of Life, of Love, of Liberty!


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