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Frisky the Terrible (Parts I thru X) (standard:other, 500 words)
Author: kathygAdded: Apr 19 2007Views/Reads: 1726/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Ah yes! Who can forget the reign of the Friskies? Frisky the Terrible, the intelligent, untrainable, wire haired terrier canine that showed us who is boss...certainly not us!!

Ah, yes, who can forget the Reign of Terrible?? 

I can still smell it now!! 

Frisky the Terrible, the intelligent untrainable dog, whom Ma tried to
let out and who came scratching like mad at the door only to lift his 
leg and show her who's boss? Certainly, not her! 

That was the year shag carpeting was the rage and Ma had it in the
livingroom, tv room and up the stairs. I can even remember it in the 
bathroom...(come on now! that was extreme) ...remember the colors, 70's 
vintage harvest gold!! I know because I had to vaccuum it...I used a 
rake it was easier!! All I remember was the stench...a sure sign that 
Frisky the terrible had left his mark. It was his house and no way, no 
how was he going to LOWER HIMSELF  to go outside to do his business. 

And you know what? he didn't..... 

We live on Main STreet, heck you know that, you lived there too! One
day, Ma got sick and tired of the stench and opened the fence and just 
kept reading the paper and when Daddy ask where is the dog...she 
replied in her sweet way, "I have no clue..." wink wink... 

it didn't take long for fate to step in and a screech of tires and more frisky... 

Ma did a skip for joy ...Daddy cried like a baby for days and sure
enough on Sunday took another drive to the dog farm and guess what he 

you guessed it...another Frisky!! 

Ma could have clobbered him!!! 

the reign of Frisky the terrible lives on until Ernest brings us a
German Shepard named Ben. We do have a Frisky then also...the last 

this time I am older and I have to divide the Kennel Ration between
Frisky and Ben. 

I put the bowl on different sides of the kitchen but Ben gets greedy and
one day got sick of Frisky trying to steal his food every day. Ben got 
pissed off when and growled at frisky and they had a fight...Ben had 
frisky's head in his mouth and frisky was so scared he (you know what) 
on the floor...ever since then Frisky leaves Ben's food alone!! 

Ben and Frisky never did get along but one day Ma open the gate again
and frisky got out of the yard and got hit by a car...wink wink...and 
Ben leaped over the fence and circles around Frisky three times and 
lets out a mournful moan that I can still remember. I don't think that 
i have heard such a sound before or since...that Ben was crying!!!! I 
didn't know he loved Frisky!! 

Daddy cried for days!!! but there were no more frisky's after that and
Ben lived to age 17...then there were no more dogs!!! 

The reign of Frisky the Terrible was over.... 

the untrainable dog who bit me when I tried to get him out from under
the bed to get a bath...ouch!! 

don't try this at home kids!!! 


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