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A Frosty Winter Night. (standard:romance, 528 words)
Author: Steve CraineAdded: Apr 23 2007Views/Reads: 2766/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A warm fire taking away a chill, and questions of the heart.

If you would envision a frosty winter night with such a chill you can
feel the crispness of the night air piercing your walls. Moving to your 
sofa and curling up with a blanket in front of a fire your astonished 
how the chill shifts away to the back ground. Even your toes that you 
have kept curled tightly under your blanket feels the radiant warmth. 
The glowing heat of a hot cup of chocolate warms your hands right to 
the tip of your fingers was such an appealing feeling of awareness. 

The crackling of this fire with sparks popping and the flames dance to a
erratic rhythm. You become mesmerize by its comfortable beauty and 

It's a nice relaxing moment feeling this warmth and visions of
relaxation. Yet a moment of isolation enters your mind. What happened 
to the dreams of your youth? Have you traded your dreams for comfort? 
Why are you sitting alone? You have tasted loves devotion and comforts 
and know its as warm as the fire stealing away the chill and just as 
calming as the vision of the flames. 

Past hurts intertwine with your present wants of that caring feeling.
Sending you into a spinning bewilderment of what you want. Just as 
hypnotizing as the sounds and flames you speculate your future. The 
confidence that you have radiated all you life is shaken and you 
question your worth. When your told of your inter beauty you feel the 
chill of the winter air on your back wondering if the heat of the 
flames can control this feeling behind you. Yet it has nothing to do 
with the flames or the cool chill of the air, it's a feeling in your 
mind that has taken you to the deep threshold of desolation. 

What are your wishes dreams and desires now? A basic friend that lets
you be yourself? Yes you want someone you can talk to and who you care 
about. You have even experienced the warm feeling of a entrapment of 
intimacy,Bringing back cold cool chills from the walls of desperation. 
More questions on the plan of such a predetermined future, you wonder 
if you really have control or not. Although the intensity of your 
feelings are real so are the warm feelings of wanting to know if such a 
true caring person does exist. 

Enticing is the laughter and words said to bring out smiles that you
thought would never be on your face again keeps your wonderment alive 
to the astonishment of this friendship. Yes this is a friendship that 
has your awareness and could it move into other directions, does that 
scare you? Sure it does and will forever because scares on the heart 
are very tender wounds. 

Like the warmth of the comforting fire stealing away the chill, and
sending soothing sounds that set your heart at ease a friend is here 
for you. Just remember that friend has ask the same questions in 
moments of there own anxiety and deep fears. The understanding is from 
there own hurts and questions asked to themselves in a cold room where 
the fire did not take away the chill. 


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