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Times Began (standard:fantasy, 665 words)
Author: AmbrosiousAdded: Feb 21 2001Views/Reads: 2101/7Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A new spin on the creation of the world.

Master Burnlass sat in his studio working on the product sitting before
him. It was a dark globule of tar colored material. In fact, it was so 
dark; one could barely see it unless one had the powers of a mage. 
Being the second rated mage in the Realm, Burnlass had no problem 
seeing the globule as he added material here and there. 

He thought to himself that this would be his masterpiece. He had finally
figured out how to make this one turn out the way the others had not. 
He grabbed a piece of smoked cheese and nibbled at the outside edge 
while he worked. He had long ago overcome the need or desire for 
sustenance, but smoked cheese remained a favorite of his. He reached 
for a vial containing a blue white liquid and poured a little of the 
contents onto the globule sitting on the table before him. A little 
smoking and fizzing and the liquid was lost in the darkness of the 

Master Burnlass chuckled to himself and reached for the next ingredient
he intended to add to the globule. As he did so, he thought back on his 
decision to retire from the Mage Wars. It seemed to him the only choice 
he had left. He couldn’t defeat the top ranking Mage, even in his youth 
and the only battles offered him were from lowly mages trying to make a 
name for themselves. It was too easy to defeat these fledgling 
magicians and their destruction gained him nothing. He knew that 
retirement was the right thing to do, but it was hard to break and 
eon-long cycle. 

Master Burnlass added the last of the ingredients to the mixture and
stood up to stretch his legs while the fusing took place. He looked 
around the workshop he had made for himself with a critical eye. The 
room was stark considering that he had the power to conjure the most 
extravagant accessories. A wooden bench pulled up to an equally 
unimpressive wooden worktable. The walls were decorated sparsely with 
banners and mementos from those defeated. Two trunks with magical locks 
along the east wall held the souls of those mages he had defeated in 
battle. The bed he rested in was made of wood as well, with a 
well-stuffed straw pallet for comfort. Vials and bottles were 
everywhere in the room, making a large room seem small. The bottles 
held many potions and poisons and matter not known to many. His newest 
acquisition sat on the workbench in an ornately designed bottle. The 
stuff that this bottle held came with a heavy price. Master Burnlass 
remembered his infirmity that the battle! of acquisition had caused. 

Turning back to the project at hand, Master Burnlass smiled a bitter
smile. The corners of his mouth turned slightly and his mustache 
twitched in anticipation. It was almost complete. He waved his hands 
and the dark globule floated toward the center of the room. He saw that 
something was missing, and waved his hands again. More globules 
appeared next to the dark one, but they were many colored. They 
reminded him of the trinkets some mages wore as decoration. With a 
thought, he sent all of the globes in motion and watched as they danced 
with each other, not quite touching, He made sure that the last globule 
he created would not come in contact with the dark one he had spent 
many years trying to create. Nothing would ruin this moment, he thought 
as he reached for another piece of smoked cheese. Nibbling away at his 
cheese, his eyes watched as the globules danced for his entertainment. 

With eyes misting up at the thought that his project would soon be at an
end, Master Burnlass looked in his tome for the words he needed to 
bring his creation to completion. With a heavy heart and flair of the 
mystical, he spoke the words that were written so long ago. 

“Let there be light!” 


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