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All things remembered (standard:other, 517 words)
Author: hollisAdded: Jul 03 2007Views/Reads: 2015/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Marvin finds himself going from one bad relationship to another.

August heat scorched the backyard like a fire on a gasoline. Marvin
watched the last of his worldly possessions drive off in a fading 
orange and white chariot. Thus sealed the end of what started out as a 
promising relationship. But it was not the first time a relationship 
ended, but the first time he lost everything after less than a year. 

Marvin was accustomed to the finer things in life, and because of this
it was both a flaw and gift. But like most flaws it was better realized 
from the outside. Through the eyes of someone else. And the gift was 
only developed by trial and err. 

The land lady waited for Marvin to pick up what was left of his thoughts
then she placed her slender pale palm out in front of him for the key, 
The reflection of what the key held waved through ten seconds, then he 
reluctantly handed the bare key to her, placed it in her palm and 
turned to walk away. 

He examined his surroundings like a lost man facing a fork in the road.
He reached into his pocket pulled out a silver dollar and tossed it 
into the air. And before it could hit the ground he caught it in mid 
air. Heads to the left he went, he thought to himself how many times he 
had thrown up a silver dollar too bad it wasn't that same silver dollar 
he had won at Jackstones in the little hell hole in Vicksburg. That 
sure was a lucky silver dollar brought him all the women, money, fine 
clothes and best car money could buy. Now he was walking down the 
street like a little boy on his way to school. 

The land lady stood watch over the apartment till she trusted that
Marvin was gone and her nosy son Ted came pulling up in a beat up Ford 
pickup truck. He hopped out the car yelled rude remarks to Marvin who 
never looked back and went over to the apartment and worked on changing 
the locks on the doors. The land lady knew little about Marvin, she had 
made a pass at him almost slept with him. 

She held a few feelings with him in mind inside of her, but her
ruthlessness out did her emotional state. Marvin passed by a bus stop 
filled with many faces baring down on him and the emptiness he 
projected. His thoughts chased away any and all hopes that he try let 
surface in his mind. Even when the bus arrived and the passengers lined 
up to board the already filled bus did it dawn on him that he had no 
money to his name,just the lonely silver dollar. 

Luck was like a lady scorned it refused to favor him a dance, and
stepped on his heart with six inch heels. He took a seat on the now 
vacant bus stop seat and watched the cars pass by him. With nothing but 
a single silver dollar in his pocket and the clothes on his back he 
leaned on both knees and sulked


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