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Who am I? (standard:poetry, 285 words)
Author: MoonRoseAdded: Jul 25 2007Views/Reads: 1652/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A descriptive poem of who I am, hopefully many can relate to it.

Who am I? 

I'm the woman before your eyes 

I'm a lady who everyone sees go her own way 

I'm a child making mistakes 

I'm an adult who is living my life 

I'm a human that bleeds when hurt 

I'm a person who cries when truly touched 

I'm the average one that everyone over looks 

I am the eye that catches your glance 

I am the blush that catches you off guard 

I'm a mother who protects the weak 

I'm a daughter for my parents to guide 

I'm a sister when there is no where else to turn to 

I'm a lover that caresses in ways you dream of 

I'm a friend to those who wish it 

I'm a student so that I may learn 

I'm a teacher so that I may teach 

I'm a researcher to discover the wonders 

I'm a keeper of knowledge so that I may share 

I am the answer to questions unasked 

I am the question to answers unfound 

I'm an adventurer so that I may take chances 

I'm a Goddess who knows her place 

I'm a tree rooted in the forest 

I'm a cloud drifting by 

I'm a grain of sand ever shifting 

I'm a flame flickering in the breeze 

I'm a wolf, if only in spirit 

I am the angel who tries to look out for you 

I'm a healer so that I may help 

I'm a witch to cleanse and repair 

I'm a hag who is there to advice 

I'm a people watcher so I may truly see 

I'm a psychic so that I can see beyond myself 

I'm a soul searcher that knows who I really am 

I am who I am 

So who are you? 


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