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Who Loves You? (standard:romance, 454 words)
Author: MarianaAdded: Aug 25 2007Views/Reads: 2008/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
I swear I'll find you. Even if I have to look at the end of the rainbow

So, whoever is reading this, you should know something about me: I'm not
the kind of person people usually love. I'm kind of... weird. And its 
not because I use weird clothes or because I talk with a weird accent. 
It is just that, my reaction to every situation is really exagerated, 
so everybody thinks I'm wacko. I'm 14 years old and my life sucks. I 
fight with my mom every day and she never listens. My dad lives very 
far away and we never see him because he is working all day long. So, 
enough introduction. This story starts now. 

Two years ago, I met a really cute boy in a friend's party. He could't
stop staring at me and I noticed. Suddenly he started walking towards 
me and asked my name. I didn't really wanted to talk to anybody but he 
would't give up so we started talking and finally he asked me out. The 
date was amazing, he was so nice with me. He didn't care about if my 
dress was pretty, or if I looked marvelous, he just smiled. After like 
a thousand dates, I fell in love with him. I could't control it. Love 
is not in your hands, you don't really choose who to fall in love with, 
so it just happened. I was totally happy everyday, specially when he 
called me. One day, a friend of mine, told me that her cousin had a 
really big crush on him. I got really sad, not because I was jealous, 
but because we were kind of in an open relationship. I really loved the 
guy, and he loved me, but the girl loved him since, like, kindergarden 
or something, so I talked to him and asked him what he really wanted. 
He didn't gave me a proper answer he just asked -Who Loves You? So, I 
freaked. I mean, I LOVED the guy, but that girl, she hated me 
obviously, but anyway, I could't believe he was being so mean with her. 
I talked to him and he was so stubborn we didn't got to anything. The 
girl started being my "friend". Then, one day, in a party, I saw both 
of them making out. I couldn't move, I just stood there. Believe me, if 
you've ever had a broken heart, you know what I mean when I say: It 
hurts like HELL! I ran out of my house that night and sweared I would 
never go back again. I tried to suicide twice. And so I wonder. Who 
Loves Me? If it's not him, I don't have a family and my friends don't 
talk to me anymore. Maybe death isn't such a bad option. So, Who Loves 


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