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the Phantom Box Boy (standard:Creative non-fiction, 388 words)
Author: AnonymousAdded: Sep 04 2007Views/Reads: 2191/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
the Phatom Box Boy is Adelaide's newest super hero, follow his origins and his many battles with the evil super crime organisation Toys R Us and many other super foes.

The tale of the Phantom Box Boy is one of danger and excitement and
begins with a lowly employee of the toy chain Toys R Us. Now we use the 
term 'employee' loosely with our hero as he hadn't worked there for 
months and just as he was settling down in to the unemployed life he 
was called unexpectedly by them to come in to work. It seems all prior 
comers had been bored to death by the vial fiend known as box crushing. 
Our hero in desperate need of money decided to take the job feeling as 
though his boredom with standing capabilities were far greater than any 
before him. The day of the shift was a dark and cold day, people were 
afraid to venture outside as the sounds of shrieking cats and an 
ominuous crushing sound filled the air. 

The lowly box boy ventured in to work and began his duties. The task was
simple enough, cut the box, place it flat and collect more boxes but 
these were no ordinary boxes. It seems a shipment had been contiminated 
with gamma radiation unbeknowest to the box boy and had made them super 
strong. When he went to cut one of these gamme infused boxes his blade 
sliped trying to pierce its cardboard outer and the blade cut his hand. 
Little did he know that a few slithers of cardboard were attached to 
the blade and where now fusing with his cells. 

The boy writhed in pain as his innards were turned to super cardboard.
The transformation was long and painful and at first he believed 
nothing was different. That was until he picked up another box and in 
an instant restored the box from its tattered remains back to its 
former glory. He had developed an intricate knowledge of the cardboard 
box and a cardboard sense allowing him to know whenever a cardboard box 
was in suffering. From then on when ever a box was in need he'd be 
there, travelling in his blue super box bin he vowed to use his 
cardboardy powers for the good of the box and to defeat his new found 
nemesis the diabolical Toys R Us and its most vial villain, the box 

Tune in next time for the Phantom Box Boys first encounter with the Box


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