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Whatever Necessary (standard:science fiction, 2334 words)
Author: JaxAdded: Sep 06 2007Views/Reads: 2007/1256Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Life inside the walls

December 31st 2017 4:32 P.M. Breiod stood on the wall, looking out at
the wasteland. He and his fellow officers guarded the last safe haven 
for humans. Inside the city was safe. Outside was certain death. Breiod 
was one of many police officers guarding the city, which was unnamed. 
He was awaiting the return of a scout party sent to the outside. They 
were expected any minute. One of the spotlights shined in a barren rock 
field, and spotted a few humanoid shapes. One of the shapes shouted, 
“Help!” Breiod yelled back “Identify yourself” The form shouted 
“Private Wallace Green, from the scout party. Identification number 
73561.” Breiod checked out the code and thought to himself as he opened 
the gate. “Hope this doesn't take to long. I don't want to miss 
spending New Years Eve with my wife.” It was the almost the start of 
2018. Another year that humanity survived. Another year humanity would 
have to survive. The gate opened. Green came running in with two 
others, sprinting to the entrance into the city. “You'll never get me 
alive!” he foamed, “I know the truth!” A guard hit him on the head, and 
took all three officers into the sanitation showers. Breiod was placed 
in charge of guarding them. December 31st 2017 5:27 P.M. When Private 
Green awoke, he immediately demanded water. Breiod was hasty to do so; 
the others in his group had just died of internal bleeding a few 
minutes ago. That made Private Green the only surviving human to go 
outside. Breiod sat at Green's bedside. “Green,” he said, “What 
happened to the rest of your party? The ones that didn't make it back 
here?” Green responded, “They were killed.” Green closed his eyes for a 
second. “By officers,” he rasped “Of the city.” “What city?” Breiod 
asked, with a look of concern. Green looked Breiod in the eyes and 
immediately fell unconscious. December 31st 2017 5:42 P.M. Breiod was 
disturbed by his short conversation with Green, but since Green was 
asleep, he could not clarify anything. Doctors came and went, and 
finally Breiod got curious as to what they were doing behind that door. 
He pulled it open a little bit and looked inside. He saw the face of a 
high-ranking officer, a doctor, and a silenced gun. Breiod looked in 
horror at what he saw. Green had just awaked, and was immediately 
gagged. The look of terror on Green's face was the same as on Breiod as 
Green was being shot. Green was then cleaned by the doctor, and carted 
off. Breiod looked away, frightened for his life. The doctor came out 
and told Breiod he was dismissed. Green had just died of internal 
bleeding. December 31st 2017 7:30 P.M. After dinner, Breiod took a walk 
to think things over.  Maybe Green had a virus, and they had to get rid 
of it. He decided to stop in at the local police station and see what 
they knew about it. The police officer behind the desk however, claimed 
that he didn't have any record of a scout party even making it back. 
Breiod thanked him and decided to go back home. On the way home, he saw 
a man in the alleyway, clutching his chest and asking for help. When 
Breiod came, he saw a young man lying in the street. However, when 
Breiod leaned over, the man jumped up and seized Breiod, hitting him 
repeatedly with his fists. Breiod kneed the man in the groin, and then 
gave a roundhouse punch from the left. Breiod used the extra time to 
take out his police knife. The other man had also taken out a knife, 
which he then threw at Breiod.  He dodged the knife and charged his 
would be assassin, stabbing him. Police officers formed on the sidewalk 
and began to shoot at Breiod.  Luckily, their aim was bad and he 
managed to escape into an abandoned building. He could hear sirens 
wailing in the distance. December 31 2017 8:41 P.M. He had gotten some 
sleep, and after calling his wife to tell her he was coming back home, 
he took a cab to his house. When he opened the door, the lights were 
off, and the house was cold. There were signs of a break-in; disheveled 
furniture, broken lamps and the sort. He went upstairs. He turned the 
corner toward his wife's room and found himself looking down the barrel 
of a gun. December 31 2017 9:30 P.M. Breiod had been unconscious for a 
while. When he awoke he saw he was in a hospital. He felt fine so he 
got out of bed. He saw an armed guard standing in the doorway but the 
guard did not notice him. Looking around, Breiod grabbed a needle as a 
weapon and stuck it into the guard's jugular vein. Covering the guard's 
mouth as he died, Breiod quickly took the guard's uniform and ran for 
the glowing EXIT sign. Nobody seemed to care about a sprinting guard 
and so he made it out of the hospital easily. He recognized where he 
was. The government ward, miles from his house and full of prisons. Not 
that he had anything left to back to in his house, he thought. He fell 
over and wept. December 31 2017 9:57 P.M. After Breiod finished crying, 
he realized that he had to do something. “The Government is trying to 
cover something up”, he thought. He had to find out what and fast. 
Wandering through the streets, he found an abandoned warehouse. He 
decided to spend the night in it. When he broke down a back door, he 
found the warehouse was full of well-armed Jeeps. He got into one and 

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