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DARK nights (standard:Psychological fiction, 903 words)
Author: ZethAdded: Oct 08 2007Views/Reads: 2459/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is the first of hopefully a few storys, comment about if you like it or not, it is about a child who unleashes his anger one dark july night

DARK night Written by Zeth and Seth 

Name: Ronnie Age: 14 Hometown: Phoenix AZ Reason: NONE 

Lightning seared the sky, making the sky in two or three parts. The
trees grimaced at the rain and wind. It was a rainy July night, in the 
2003 era. It took the city by surprise as it had not rained much this 
year. It was almost nine o' clock but it was already black. 

The thunder shook the small corner house. It had five or six trees in
the front. It had an old worn out whitish color to it. It was a sad, 
sad day in Phoenix. Deep in the basement in the bathroom; with no 
windows sat a child, on the toilet. Holding a knife to his own flesh, 
he pushed it far into his skin; streaks of crimson blood ran off his 
palm. Dripping on to the floor in abstracted formations. He cried 
softly as he destroyed his skin. 

“Ronnie, Jacob is here, and it is just in time for dinner”, His sweet
mother called in a floating voice. 

“Shit”, he muttered softly, “Coming mom”, he yelled. 

He washed off the blood, and put on a band-aid®, and rushed upstairs.
Ronnie was a B student, loving parents, and a good friend (Jacob), but 
none of that satisfied him. No one knew he cut himself, no one would 
suspect. He dressed in normal colors, was into rock ‘n' roll. A normal 
kid...on the outside. He was better than all of them, was smarter than 
them, and could kill better than them. He rushed upstairs and sat at 
his usual spot. 

“So mom, what are we having”, he said, acting like a normal kid again. 

“Oh, I found a delicious recipe on the web, it is spaghetti in Alfredo
sauce, with”, she would go on, and on, and on about stupid things like 

“MM, sounds delicious”, Jacob said smacking his lips. Ronnie liked him,
a good kid. But foolish, He couldn't keep his head in the game. He was 
a waste. 

They ate in silence. Forks clawing at their plates. It was fairly good. 

After dinner, Ronnie's mom went strait to bed. Ronnie told Jacob to go
down stairs and he would be down in a minute. He went to the knife 
cabinet and pulled out a small stake knife (Not on of those huge ones 
you see in the horror movies) and slipped it in his waistband. Went to 
the towel cabinet to get a small dishrag, wrapped it up and silently 
walked downstairs. 

Jacob was sitting on a stool watching the Simpsons DVD rocking his head
back and forth. Ronnie walked up to him standing above him, Jacob still 
oblivious to the danger. 

Jacob turned around, “Oh hi-“, Ronnie grabbed Jacob, and clubbed his
head with a fist, then reached for the knife, and beat him with the end 
of it, until his face was almost black and he was knocked out. He was 
only out for three minutes. But when he awoke he was gagged, and was 
bound by rope Ronnie found on the floor. 

“Ha, piece of shit, think I couldn't do it, huh? Too soft, not hardcore,
well think again”, and Ronnie kicked Jacob in the face. Out came a 
muffled scream, “I hate that; screaming is a weakness, like you. You 
are not worthy to live”, fury was in his eyes, and they glowed each 
time a lightning bolt stroke nearby. He was a totally different kid 
than the kid who he was yesterday. 

To prove he was serious, he grabbed Jacob's arm stepped on the middle of
his wrist and his elbow. Swiftly, he grabbed the two sides of his arm 
and pulled upwards. A blood freezing crack came from the bone. A scream 
emerged from the gagged face as tears swam away from his eyes. Ronnie 
grabbed the two halves of the arm and (without gentleness) bent his 
hand against his elbow, still screaming came from Jacob, as if angered 
Ronnie trusted both halves up, breaking threw the skin that held it 

“O boy”, said Ronnie “, looks like we got a huge splinter, better pull
it out”. He reached inside the bloody mess that was an arm, and pulled 
out a bone fragment. He thrusted it in Jacob's stomach. Another scream. 

Ronnie picked up the knife that had dropped in the beating. He cut open
his stomach, and ripped out a stomach bag. It was the most disturbing 
sound ever. I could never describe it, try to imagine it though. Jacob 
watched horrified. Ronnie smashed it in his fingers, the recipe from 
the web all over the floor. Ronnie was not satisfied. He could see 
Jacob was fading fast, so he got down on all fours and pushed his hand 
up into his chest cavity and ripped out Jacob's heart. Lightning 
flashed nearby rain pounded on the house, the wind screamed as if 
watching the torture, the last bit of life Jacob had was he saw a heart 
flying at his head. But he never witnessed it hit him. Ronnie did 
though, it was a blood, water balloon. Blood spread everywhere. It was 
silent except for the howling wind. Ronnie climbind outside and ran, 
ran until he was outside the town. It was sure to be in the newspaper, 
although a big city not a WHOLE lot happens. 

.:	ANOTHER end TO another BOOK:. 


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