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Letting Go (standard:Inspirational stories, 753 words)
Author: PDBrownAdded: Oct 11 2007Views/Reads: 1845/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is a story stems around idea's and belief.

Christianity welcomes worship. We come to God in praise of what he has
done for us by sending his one and only son-Jesus Christ. When we first 
turn to our saviour, what is the first idea we get. Now that can be 
really hard to answer but as I don't know everyone's thoughts I can't 
tell you that bit of information but God can and he does in certain 
ways throughout your average working day. 

I don't know maybe you would notice some little happening that is
different in your routine. This is how God can commute with us in our 
lives. Although he has many more wonderful ways, of letting us know the 
situations we are getting into. My action of thought is that we get so 
bogged down with stress and taking on situations that we have turned 
away from God when we need him most. 

I can't be precise about when the world turned away from our saviour but
I reckon as I'm not that old, it was definitely before my time. Am I 
trying to heal the world in one story, no God is doing a good job of 
that himself. 

But if you think about it, it's not the world that needs healing, it's
us-the population. God can do anything right, then he built this world 
like a dream-the perfect world. It took me a long time to start 
figuring it out for myself but in the beginning was the word and the 
word was with God. (John 1-1) 

Ok! So there wasn't any cars or shops, etc... So really this wasn't a
reason not to rush away but then some clever clogs came along and 
caused the first amount of pollution, this obviously couldn't be good 
for us and this thought in itself is enough to cause you worry. But 
let's speed this up a little bit and imagine the world as it is today, 
think of all the things which give you reasons to feel stressful and 
then try taking them away from your mind's eye for a moment and again 
try to imagine what that would be like. 

You have already taken the greatest step by allowing your conscience to
expand and get closer to God, incidentally God has been wanting you to 
take this step for many years. Now you are going to go through a period 
in life where you can actually start to love yourself, as God so loves 
the world (John 3-16)...and yes that includes you. 

You are more important to God than anything on this earth and this
knowledge should be more than enough to give our selves a sense of 
happiness. Happiness and love is what makes a relationship grow. 

God will never leave you and this next step of learning, is most
possibly trust. You have to admit that in life a majority of us react 
to our earthly parents and their teachings and live by the way they 
live. My understanding of this knowledge is we are being equipped with 
enough knowledge for our heavenly home. They are actually probably 
teaching us the only way they know how. 

Remember Jesus said, “Love each other as I have loved you.” (John 15-12)
Well on reading this in the bible it made me stop and think; what even 
if they've hurt you. I thought on it for days, never gave any thought 
to much else and do you know, those horrible senses were becoming less 
in my brain. Think me crazy if you like, but I felt as if God had given 
me his answer when I could have sworn that I heard him say 


I then began getting on with life and letting it throw everything it had
at me. The controlling in my mind was allowing me to concentrate on God 
whenever I came near a situation where I wasn't comfortable and the 
problem would vanish before my very eyes. It was then I started to 
notice the difference and how deeper my relationship with God was 
becoming. It was like my eyes had become as clear as crystal and was 
fast recognising how to deal with those misdemeanours 

In order to know God, we must have an understanding of the word, worship
and to truly worship God with all our heart, mind and soul. I think; 
and this is my thought alone that we need to worship ourselves; and 
allow ourselves more time to do certain jobs. 

More time! More praise! More Love! More worship! 


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